Fringes of Space

Saleucami Raiders

Kandria's Old Sorority

Managing the Mines

After dealing with the remnant of the New Droid Rights Movement on Gavos, C-17 remembered that he was there to both inspect the Oridium Mining colony for Taskarti and collect 100,000 credits for Taskarti’s loaner, Bargos the Hutt.

  • The group met with the miner’s boss, Marv Moray.
  • There was 200,000 credits in the safe; the crew took all of it.
    • Marv told them that they needed ~160,000 to repair the damage and cover some costs.
    • The costs included new droids, crew wages, new vehicles, more equipment, etc.
    • This would only leave the crew with 40,000 to pay Bargos.
  • The crew negotiated, claiming that they saved both their lives and the mine and offered to rebuild the droids at cost.
    • The miners agreed and told them that the costs would only be about 85,000 if severe cuts were made.
  • The crew worked together to rebuild/reprogram the droids.
  • This left the crew with 115,000, 15,000 credits just for the crew.
  • The crew left Gavos, knowing that C-17 needed to give Bargos the credits in person.

Kandria’s Goal

Fresh from the adventure on Gavos, the crew’s next goal was to drop Kandria Grene off and prepare for the Corporate Alliance’s escort mission. The crew arrived on Saleucami, a warm, slightly-arid, jungle planet in the outer rim. Landing in Taleucema, a large space port and the planet capital, the crew dropped Kandria off. Just as she was about to leave, Krassk asked her why she needed to go here of all places. She told Krassk that the Veiled Sorority, a long-disbanded all-female pirate group was starting to show signs of starting up again.

  • Kandria claims to be an old member of the group.
  • The group disbanded shortly after the clone wars.
  • The group was controlled by someone aptly named The Pirate Queen.
  • The Queen wore a mask that slightly altered the physical appearance of the wearer to disquise newly appointed queens and ensure that she could retire.
  • The group accepted men, but only allowed grunt work and protection duty.
  • The group was rutheless in its method, frequently killing their victims of piracy.
  • A “great betrayal” caused them to disbandon. The black Sun was involved
  • Remaining pirates have blended into civilian groups across the galaxy
    • They’ve been waiting for the queen to bring the gang back together.
    • They’ve likely been making money through fencing goods and other somewhat-inconspicuous activities.
  • Saleucami was home to the Vault, a secret haven for the sorority only known to a few members.

The Exile, the Fence, and the Slicer

Kandria wanted the Mask of the Pirate Queen™ to regroup the pirate cells strewn across the galaxy, rebuild the fleet, infiltrate Cleezo’s operation, and get revenge on Cleezo for removing her from House Tresario’s ranks. She had several new leads on the group, suggesting that the long-forgotten sorority has come out of hiding. The leads were an ex-pirate named Graf Lind, a fence named Kreezo, and a series of hidden nodes responsible for laundering the pirate’s money.

  • While on Taleucema, C-17 and Sirra went to buy a hot tub/oil bath hybrid.
    • The hybrid was intalled in the ship’s lounge after a comedic scene involving the owner, C-17, and a hole in the cashier’s countertop.
  • Jak-Phi went to one of Tenloss Corporation’s many fronts dropping Vaneesh’s name.
    • He was given a contract to build a shipment of armor with promises of future jobs, an alliance with a front, and a new manager, Manny Pardo.
  • Afterwards, the group split up to search the node, find Graf, and eventually find Kreezo.
  • C-17 and Sirra went to SaleuQuest Overland Adventures, an empty tour-bus agency to hack the node.
    • After several minutes climbing on roofs, crawling though vents, putting spray paint on camers, and nearly breaking the door, the two managed to hack the node.
    • The node revealed that it was part of a three node network and that the data could only be accessed with after the other two were sliced.
    • The other nodes pointed to a public terminal and a server bank deep in Taleucema.
  • Krassk and Jak opted to speak to Graf Lind in the slums of Taleucema.
    • The found an old, drunk pirate who claimed to be a member of the group.
    • He didn’t say why he was let go, but that it was the best time of his life.
    • They found that he knew that the Vault was in a crater on the surface of Saluemcami.
  • After speaking to him, they went to find Kreezo at Kreezo’s Exotic Imports.
    • The two spoke to Kreezo and deduced that he didn’t know anything about the pirates.
    • They opted to sneak into his business and inspect both his computer and the cargo he was carrying.
    • The cargo had several references to a place called Blackwind.
  • The group told Kandria what they found so far and she deduced that the place was Blackwind Crater.
    • The information was referenced several times in some of the old notes Kandria kept.

Blackwind Crater

Convinced that the Vault and the Pirate queen were at Blackwind Crater 250 km from Taleucema, Kandria enlisted the group to help her infiltrate the pirate base and find the mask. To get there, the group rented a landspeeder and got to the site after about 8 hours of travel. The group was met with a deep, dark, 6km-wide crater, filled with water at the bottom and surrounded by dense jungle foliage all the way around. The crater itself had a rockslide near the group; the right path offering a slowly-descending ramp winding around the crater, while the other was a steep drop to a rocky bottom nearly 1 km down.

  • While Jak-Phi was inspecting the rock slide, the rest of the group trekked through the dense jungle.
    • The group consisted of Krassk, C-17, Sirra, Graf, Kandria, and Jonesey
  • The group was approached by a group of 4 vicious simian predators (Thaelos).
    • After eliminating the threat, the group continued on, meeting with Jak.
  • About an hour later, the group encountered an old Republic Survey Station.
    • Further inspection revealed the base to be abandoned, likely around the rise of the empire.
    • The group found evidence of recent activity leading to the small caves further into the jungle.
    • Inspection of the caves revealed some camping gear, provisions, and a set of old clone trooper armor.
  • Wary, the group continued through the jungle until they were given a warning shot from within the dense jungle.
  • After a response suggesting that the group was there to confront the pirates, the hidden aggressors attacked the group.
    • Despite the group’s numbers, they had a hard time dealing with the aggressors.
    • The Aggressors were eventually revealed to be old Clone Troopers paid by the Sorority.
  • After a few minutes of fighting, Jak was hidden in the trees, C-17 was incapacitated, and Sirra managed to negotiate a ceasefire.
  • As both groups were backing away, the crew launched a counterattack, killing the remaining clone troopers.
  • Wounded, Krassk and Jak continued into the jungle (about an hour away) to find a CIS outpost.
    • The outpost showed signs of life with lights and a couple women talking in one of the bunkers.
    • The outpost consisted of a large door, two bunkers with two anti-air turrets flanking the door.
    • Above the door housed a small landing platform (Silhouette 4) and a set of double doors with a small transport inside.
  • The crew decided to rest for the night to tend to their wounds and tackle the fortress another day.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Group: Car’Das
  • Experience: 7
    • C-17: +1


Jak-phi Archive. C-17 associated with the remainder of the crew I don’t know what was all said but he had me help him make a bunch of drugs before we left the planet and as we proceeded on to where krask friend wanted to go upon reaching they’re crossed offered our services to her where she would gladly accept if we were offering. After the night and had to proceed with some sleuthing throughout the town to track someone down and locate something, or someone, unsure of this mask that we’re looking for. The ties that this seems to have that she wants to control would be a great asset to our cause and help us Fight. Krassk and I found this vendor who played stupid for what he knew. We waited till night and proceeded to break into his place, only to find a crate that has a marking of where they came from unsure of what to do we decided to take this formation and go seek out more info from others. Our next Clues led us to a drunkard you seem to know about the location of where this blackwind was. Will contact kondria with this info.
Archive note. We we told her about the information we are located in this black when crater she said the company over to his house and have him take us there personally. The two seem to know each other and I wouldn’t say it was quite friendly. Upon reaching the crater it was deep and staggered, look like too tight fit for almost any Starship to fit into but he insisted that this was it. We head down the side Trails following through until we ran into some monkeys fought them off and killed them proceeded down more until we located a door that had the Old Republic markings on it. It appeared to an old station that had gone derelict. Sierra noticed a tinkle that lead to some recently used barracks, finally a real clue and direction to go on. We pushed forward and came back into the jungle path leading down. Suddenly a blaster bolt fired and landed in front of me and kraask, the voice telling us and we’d stop and come too far cross proceeded to reply and then they opened fire I caught a heavy repeating Blaster straight to the chest almost knocking me out entirely as I stumbled back. Did my best quick heal myself using everything I could from the force and seeing the fire happened was intense. These guys were week trained and organized. To good for a motley pirate crew that we were searching for. I scaled the tree growth and proceeded to go over and sneak down to get making a surprise attack since I couldn’t make it a frontal assault from that repeating blaster. Sierra managed to talk them into Quick cease-fire saying that they were going to pack up and leave but these guys were pirates and I knew better than to trust him and there to organize these guys had probably better ulterior motives. I got positioned over the main light repeating Blaster gunner and decided to drop down to take him out. Somehow we still stood after that presses strike with C-17 personal bodyguard Droid taking him out yet hitting me in the process. Starting to think this whole crew need some corrective eye surgery to end this whole team fire. I was knocked out by their leader has a zombie strike down their gun and pulled his gun and shot me down while I was weak from the team fire. When I awoken they were all finished off. I noticed the armor all appeared to old Republic, could this have been a rogue unit turned pirate after the phase out? Have to do some quick medical check on myself and quick patch job on the Droid to get him back operating, me and krassk decide to scout ahead, found the secret base that we’ve been searching for. Missing was a fortress pill boxes in front flanking the door no way in, krassk bravely snuck up and did a recon, before coming back. We decided to head back to the barracks to ready up before we storm the castle.

Saleucami Raiders

^Geez, wall o’ text

Saleucami Raiders

Marcus POV
Journal entry 35:

The plan now is to drop off Kandria and prep for the CSA job. Think I’ll catch some Z’s till we get there.

Dream sequence 1:
I’m on a hunting trip with my family. The group consists of myself, my brother Clark, papa Erik, uncle Sir Francis Gararin (along with his Model 38), his son Drake Gagarin, as well as the Horne side of the family, uncle Clyde and cousin Aron.
We progressed through the plains of Alderaan hunting Manka Cats. This was something we did every year. Dad and his step-brother Clyde always had a bit of a rivalry. Neither was as good as the knighted Sir Farnces, the most well off of our family, But that wasn’t the point. I don’t think my dad was ever very happy that Clyde married aunt Amelia. But it was never an out right argument or anything. They’d just bottle it up, till every summer and see who could get the best Pelt. Normally, this never reflected in Aron and my relationship. We’d always be out together, neither one of us wanting hang out with Drake. He always seemed a bit spoiled and prissy, for the annual hunting trip. This time however, was different. Aron seemed like he wanted nothing to do with me. Sticking by his father Instead.

Slowly the sky began to darken and I heard uncle Clyde begin to laugh. Turning to face him, I didn’t see my uncle, but Barten Fel instead. Aron was standing by his side. The 2 of them began to fly away, out into the darkness. Looking toward the blackened sky, I saw the sun eclipsed by a moon I wasn’t familiar with. In a flash of green, and a Girly scream from Drake. All went Black.

Update 1: Wow, I just had the weirdest dream. I was back on Alderaan with my family just before it was destroyed. Barton Fel was there.

Wait… how long have we been on Saleucami? Where is everyone?… Is that Vornskeer shit In my pack?

Saleucami Raiders

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