Fringes of Space

Sa Nalaor Survivors (part 2)

The Retreat

Tracking the CIS frigate

After searching the ruins of the Sa Nalaor, an old CIS Munificent-class frigate, in the dense jungles of Drongar, the six galactic adventurers reunite and meet with a mysterious visitor riding several creatures and accompanied by several battle droids.

  • The man identified himself as Rel Harsol, captain of the Sa Nalaor.
  • When the Bota plant was mentioned, he urged the group to accompany them at their camp.
  • Their camp is located at the base of the volcano.
  • After being introduced to the 80-90 survivors, Harsol suggests the PCs were brought by the Bota to protect it.
  • The Retreat was a ramshackle camp made from scrap from the CIS cruiser’s wreckage.
  • The Retreat consisted of:
    • A large, multi-level laboratory, home to Cratala and her researchers.
    • A hangar housing a irreparable shuttle and 3 speeder bikes (manned by Ninan).
    • A large hut filled with droid scrap (manned by Rewna).
    • Harsol’s private hut (patrolled by various Battle droids)
    • A medical facility near Cratala’s lab.
    • A large, guarded door leading into the volcano.
    • A generator room.
    • A nexu cage filled with some nexu and cybernetically enhanced nexu.
    • Several living quarters (barracks, communal huts, private huts, and Cultist’s area).
  • Among the Retreat were several people who worshipped a man named Lylek and the Bota flower he protected.

Missing Cultists

The group was informed by Harsol that they had to gain his trust to be allowed to view the Bota flower. He suggested both helping the survivors at the camp and finding a missing person, Rik Das, who disappeared along with many other members.

  • The group discovered:
    • Rik was a Skakoan member of the bota cultists. (recently joined. removed pressure suit)
    • The cultists and everyone else at the camp were at odds with eachother.
    • Rik was last seen with Cratala
    • Cratala and her associate, Rewna, felt Harsol was responsible
    • Harsol and Lylek had an argument years earlier, and Lylek now (uncharacteristically) leads the bota cult.
    • There is a nexu cave nearby where the group captures nexu to be enhanced.
  • The crew also learns that the survivors fled the Empire 20 years ago and fear them.
  • C-17 discovers that a mech is out in the jungle and can be repaired with the parts he found earlier.

After sleuthing around the camp, the group decides to split the party.

  • Krassk, C-17, and Stig decided to search for the walker in the jungle.
    • The group finds the mech and discovers that it was used by the Neimodian Lylek years earlier and points to his last known location.
    • The trio find Lylek, question him, and offer to take him off Drongar.
  • Sirra and Marcus check the nearby nexu cave to find clues.
    • Marcus finds several placed bones belonging to various cult members
    • Rik Das’ body is found near a cybernexu
  • The group reconvenes at the camp, travels back to the Sa Nalaor, comes back to the camp.
  • Marcus and Stig attempt to capture Harsol at night.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Bounty
  • Experience: 10



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