Fringes of Space

Sa Nalaor Survivors

Extracting the Bota

Tracking the CIS frigate

The six galactic adventurers, partway through their journey through the dense jungles of Drongar, has split the party in an effort to resupply and bring the ship closer to them. Dreke, Krassk, and Marcus camped at the escape pod to clear a landing zone, while C-17, Stig, and (technically) Sirra retraced their steps to the ship.

During the three days that it took to reach the ship:

  • Stig and C-17 traversed cliffs, rivers, and crippling darkness.
  • Dreke and Krassk followed a set of tracks heading West.
  • Marcus cleared a landing zone for the ship avoiding a dangerous Nexu.
  • Once the ship was moved to the escape pod:
    • C-17 left to find whatever his repair parts were intended for.
    • Krassk and Dreke followed the tracks to find a group of Rodians aboard a YT-2400.
    • Stig and Marcus flew around looking for the “missing” crew.

The Sa Nalaor Crash Site

After several days, Krassk and Dreke found the engine section of a 20-year-old frigate. After witnessing the Rodian clan leaving the forward section of the ship in a hurry, Krassk and Dreke reunited with C-17 and plunged into the depths (finding 5 Avedame plants).

  • Stig and Marcus found where the Bota would most likely be: a nearby volcano.
    • the two found a location nearby and cleared the area for a landing.
  • Krassk, Dreke, and C-17 found a minimal blueprint of the ship
  • The three explored the wreckage searching:
    • The Bridge, Bridge Security
    • Crew quarters, Barracks, and briefing room.
    • Droid bay, engineering, and the Vault

By scouring powercells, the group was able to defeat the swarms of Bark rats near the vault and blow open the vault door, finding 3 Guerrerite bars (5000 cr each).


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Duty
  • Experience: 10



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