Fringes of Space

Return to Ord Mantell

Evading the Empire

Hydian Way Checkpoint

Having just came from Myrkr with two Vornskr pups, the crew were on their way to Ord Mantell for several different reasons. Just as the ship was about to turn off the Hydian Way toward the Celanon Spur (where Ord Mantell is situated) the crew was stopped by an Imperial checkpoint.

  • Checkpoint: A Golan 1 Defense Platform, a Tartan-Class Patrol Cruiser, and an Imperial Customs frigate.
    • The space station and cruiser were both outfitted with several tractor beam emplacements.
  • Once the WolfThorn/BloatedGundark docked with the station, 2 BoSS agents boarded the ship.
    • They were clearly suspicious of the PC’s travel log, story/lies, and ship registration.
  • The two agents returned with their superior and a small garrison of Stormtrooper along with scanning equipment.
    • The agents believed they weren’t affiliated with Stig’s prison break.
    • Unfortunately, they also informed the crew that they needed to confiscate the ship and would pay them a (paltry) sum.
    • The PCs had a few minutes to pack up their belongings.
  • Everyone walked off the ship nonchalantly with the exception of Aneen, who blew his cover, and Stig, who was in a large duffel bag.
    • Sirra and C-17 tried to convince the imperials it wasn’t the escaped convict Aneen
    • The guards revealed they would take a considerable bribe (3000) to let Aneen go.
    • C-17 payed the amount.

Leaving the Bloated Gundark

Stranded on the space station, the crew payed another captain of a bulk freighter to take them and their gear/vehicles to Ord Mantell. Before the crew jumped to hyperspace, they saw the decommissioned YT-1000 being moved into a rear hangar. On their way to Ord Mantell, the crew:

  • C-17 set up a small weapon-augmentation shop near the cargo port.
  • Stig palled around with the ship’s drunk captain.
  • Marcus gave some medical advice to the various passengers.
  • Sirra sulked for a bit.
  • Dreke awoke from his 3 month coma.
  • Krassk took care of his dogs.
  • The ship came across a mysteriously-defunct refueling station in an asteroid field.
    • Stig noted its location for future reference.
  • The ship soon landed on Ord Mantell, dropping off the illegal cargo in the industrial district.
  • Once on the ground, the group split up after securing their ship’s gear/vehicles/weapons in a storage container near the coast.

Life Without a Ship

Without a ship or enough money to buy one, the group had to make enough money to get off of the polluted scraplands of Ord Mantell. In order to do that, the group split up to make/talk to their contacts.

Day 1:

  • Krassk went to the Tenloss Corporate building in Worlport.
    • Spoke to Vaneesh about a job (obligation reduction) to find a suitable plot of land for a factory in the Bright Jewel Sector.
    • Vaneesh also wanted Krassk and Stig to travel to the hot zone and bring back high quality salvage.
  • Marcus and Stig traveled with Mama, Papa, Louise, and Aneen to Nek’s apartment complex in the northwestern slums.
    • They reunited with Nek, who allowed them all to stay in his small hideout.
  • Sirra met with Colin Ferrel who wanted Krassk to come meet his corporate executives.
  • C-17 went to the White Zone’s police department
    • Discovered that he was being followed by a Gank named Decibel
    • Found 3 different sites of graffiti written in binary that said, “Rise Up! Become Exalted.” in a gold paint.
    • Discovered that the gold paint is unrefined M.E.L.D.
  • Dreke and Krassk went to the White zone to read up on local bounties.
  • Marcus tried to test for his nurse assistant certificate.
  • C-17 looked into setting up his own shop on Ord Mantell.
  • Sirra, Krassk, Dreke, and Colin Ferrel went to see the corporate executives at Holonet News.
    • They collectively convinced the executives to pick up Everybody Loves Krassk for 8 episodes.
    • They wanted Krassk to help find actors to play the Trandoshan, Wookie, and other alien cast members.
    • They also needed him to write the rest of the first season before they would shoot the pilot.
  • Stig met a Rodian woman named Mikka in the Gilded Lily cantina near the central starports.
    • He discovered that she was a spice runner offered to “test out” Stig before giving him any work.
  • The group met at Nek’s place to celebrate.
    • Stig brought his new sketchy friends and sold some drugs

Day 2:

  • Marcus looked into scavenging missions out in the scraplands.
  • Stig found Nek’s cloakshape fighter that he used to escape Kuat.
    • He looked into parting it out to various spacers
  • Krassk, Sirra, Dreke, and C-17 went to Teemo the Hutt
    • Krassk recruited Teemo to his side in his struggle against Cleezo.
    • Sirra offered to do some kind of infiltration job for Teemo.
    • C-17 got a loan for his new business
    • Krassk gave Teemo his other dog as a sign of his gratitude.

The group came together with several new opportunities for money. The only question now is: what are they going to do first?


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Favor
  • Experience: 15
    • Krassk: +3
    • C-17: +1



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