Fringes of Space

Rescuing Teemo

Onslaught on Cyax

Respite on The Pearl

After their run in with the pirates in the Junkyard, the group vowed to never help strangers in Hutt space ever again. Despite the urgency in getting to Cyax and reuniting with the exiled Teemo the Hutt, the crew needed to rest. C-17 docked the Main Spring with the tradepost known as The Pearl while Jacek calculated the hyperspace coordinates.

  • The station was ran by a lone, elderly Sakiyan named Harke.
    • He and Jacek seemed to know eachother.
    • The only other person there was a Barabel named Graayl Nor.
    • The station offered gear, weapons, fuel, repairs, etc.
  • Krassk spoke to the dismissive Barabel, charming him with a rerun of Everybody Loves Krassk
    • Nor was wary of Jacek.
    • When asked, Nor revealed that he tried looking for Jacek’s treasure on Pybus
    • He cited that he lost some people in the old Hutt deathtrap.
  • Jak and Sirra noticed several ships in formation skirting the edge of the station.
    • A quick look revealed that they were going in the direction of Cyax.
  • Krassk told Jacek of Graayl Nor. Jacek picked up the pace, hoping to get to Pybus before anyone else.

A Delusional Hutt

After a days travel in hyperspace, the group emerged around the planet of Cyax. The marshy planet was 90% water, save for a group of islands around the equator. Rather than the automated docking procedures of a more civilized planet, the group was greeted with an automated warning in Huttese saying to leave the planet “or else.” Using the signal, the group was able to locate the Hutt stronghold. The stronghold sat atop a thin, vertical mountain that was half jungle, and half whitish, craggy stone. The only landing zone big enough for a ship this size was the beach at the bottom of the plateau.

  • The group proceeded along the path to the top.
  • Once closer to the base, the group could see things that they didn’t before:
    • The landing pad was destroyed, and its vehicle nowhere to be found.
    • The large gun turret on top was destroyed by ship-laser fire.
    • There were blaster marks all along the door
    • There was evidence of chemical fires around the base.
  • After talking to the eye-gatekeeper, the group entered the base
  • They were led to Teemo via his majordormo, Ugor (Klatooinian).
  • The group found the thinner Hutt, happy to see them.
    • Teemo said that he was exiled from Besadii and hunted by Desilijic.
    • Teemo said that he was going to weather one more fight before getting his revenge on them.
    • The Hutt almost seemed unaware of the dire situation he was in.
  • The group decided to take stock of Teemo’s remaining servants, supplies, and gear guided by Ugor.
  • There were 5 wounded Hutt soldiers in the medical area.
    • They didn’t want any assistance, hoping that the invaders would spare them, rather than dying for Teemo.
    • After being offered a month’s pay, the group accepted treatment and offered their service.
  • Mugsy, the Weequay mechanic, couldn’t repair his four combat droids
  • He also didn’t have enough parts to repair the swamp speeder, Hutt Gravsled, or the gun turret.
    • The group repaired the speeder and sled using parts from the gun turret.
    • The droids were found to be sabotaged via mechanical device to their power source.
    • The droids were “repaired” and under the command of C “Speaks Binary” 17.
  • The beastmaster was recently killed, leaving no one to control the beasts.
    • The beasts consisted of a Vornskr and a Raquor’Daan.
    • Krassk incapacitated the hostile Vornskr and put it in his backpack
    • Jak won the trust of the Raquor’Daan, allowing it to follow him to the ship.
  • Ugor told the group that they likely wouldn’t survive another attack, even with the PC’s help.
  • After fixing all of these issues and convincing Teemo of his futility, the group convinced him to leave and “fight another day.”

Desilijic Assault

Shortly after getting every ready to go, the Desilijic marauders began their assault. Right before they left, Krassk attempted to convice the other Hutt leader to let Teemo go. The Hutt rejected the offer citing Teemo as “knowing too much” and “capable of rejoining Besadii.” The marauder’s plan was to drop off a foreward group to destroy the base (ship 1), have speeder support (ship 2), and have a sizable backup force just in case (ships 3,4,5). The marauders also had a Krayt gunship as air support.

  • The PCs had Teemo on the repulsor sled, and Sirra/Gunnery mercs on the swamp speeder.
    • The rest of the group was on the ground.
  • The first group was dispatched with and forced to retreat.
  • The second stage was much larger and had some of their vehicle and beach support.
    • This group made used of heavy weapons platforms and short range airstrikes.
    • THis group also had a fixation of incendiary weaponry
    • Fortunately, the group was able to deal with the enemy and force another retreat.
    • C-17’s comm jammer was active throughout this fight.
  • As the group continued through the path, they heard other forces behind them.
  • They also noticed that Teemo’s bunker/palace was destroyed by a large explosion.

Defusing the Situation

The group continued to the beach meeting minimal resistance. Rather than see the several dropships they were expecting, they only saw a lone Twi’lek seemingly waiting for them.

  • The Twi’lek asked them to deliver the Hutt or all of them would die.
    • C-17 deactivated his jammer and discovered that the marauders have tampered with the ship.
  • Krassk appealed to the marauder, stating that he just wanted to get out alive.
    • The marauder shared the feeling, and told the group that the ship’s engine was rigged to explode.
    • They could be detonated by either him or an aerial ship (or maybe a time limit, just in case).
    • He told them that he wouldn’t detonate it
  • The crew could either attempt to disarm the bombs, give them Teemo, or give them something as valuable as a Hutt.
    • Jak offered his lightsaber, but it wasn’t quite enough
    • They thought of giving them Besadii secrets, but Teemo would be exiled/hunted by them too.
  • The group opted to disarm, hoping to not be caught by the aerial ship as it passed by.
    • C-17 was able to disarm every single bomb, allowing for a quick escape.
  • They successfully rescued Teemo, Ugor, the 5 mercenaries, the 4 droids, and the sled.
  • The group quickly jumped to hyperspace using Jacek’s coordinates to get to Pybus.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak: Oath
  • Experience: 17
    • Krassk: +2



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