Fringes of Space

Pawns of Pasmin

White Labs and Black Mines

Muas’ Lab

After landing on Pasmin, the group split into two parties. C-17, Felik, and (technically) Dreke entered Dr. Muas’ facility with hopes to discover its importance and find out who’s been chasing C-17. Krassk, Stig, Sirra, and Marcus were about to enter the nearby mine to find another way into the facility while being guided by the orange Lwhekk, Pikkis, who wanted to find his lost brethren in the mine.

  • C-17 and Felik scoured the research facility, finding:
    • Several holovids showing Dr.s Thalus, Muas, and Pala discussing their AI project.
    • Thalus is the CIS-funded designer of the limited C-18 droids.
    • Pala is the Republic/Corporate-funded engineer in charge of the mass-production line.
    • Muas, already known to C-17, was the project lead and C-17’s creator.
    • Several C-16s were found wandering the halls speaking how the Exalted have “opened their eyes.”
  • Dreke found that his ventilation shaft led nowhere and returned to the ship.
  • The rest of the crew explored the Lwhekk mine shaft in search of an alternate entrance to the research facility.
  • After splitting up, the group found:
    • Several Lwhekk zombies with a mysterious gold glow in their eyes.
    • Unfinished/unexplored mine shafts with pre-laid track.
    • A large, alien blue crystalline pillar in the center of the shaft with several carved slots.
    • A hefty C-18 droid and two Lwhekk discussing Kerris and a liquid gold substance.
    • An entrance into the refinery-section of the facility.


Unsure of why the C-18s were occupying this facility (or why they were even there for that matter), C-17 and Felik dug deeper and found several devices made to study and exploit the gold substance known only as M.E.L.D.. After finding a fanciful, new device and a note specifically addressed to C-17 from Dr. Muas., the group came together to explore the final sections of the facility.

  • Several of the changed C-16 droids were found moving large quantities of parts to the hangar.
  • The C-16s were being physically altered, after being convinced, by other different C-16s.
  • All droids vacated the facility to the hangar.
    • The hangar featured Barton Fel, a droid similar in appearance to C-17, and a familiar Gank bounty hunter among several different-looking C-18 droids.
    • They spoke of how Kerris and Fel were to combine the production of the base with a ship “capable of fueling the factory.”
    • They also said that C-17 was to be captured alive and studied.
    • That the mysterious M.E.L.D. substance could only be fully utilized by C-17.
  • Following the speech, the group tried to sleuth/escape.
    • After being noticed by the droids, PD loudly commented on Stig’s unstealthiness.
    • Rather than fleeing, Stig called out Fel and his cronies to “buy the group time.”
    • Fel revealed that he followed the order of the One Sith, while rejecting Stig’s allegiance.
    • After failing to get away from Fel, Felik, hidden among the other droids, tackled Fel buying Stig and his teammates time to flee.

After a daring fight, the crew escaped to witness a ship several times larger than an Imperial Star Destroyer. The crew immediately travelled to the Anteevy system at the behest of both Stig and Dreke (sort of).


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Favor
  • Experience: 15



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