Fringes of Space


Derelict Space Station

Mandalorian Tower Climb

Having captured their most recent bounty, the PCs took it upon themselves to infiltrate the MandalMotors tower at the request of the Mandalorian Protectors’ leader to locate the CEO’s information on why the Imperial Dark Troopers were on Mandalore.

  • Dreke convinced the group to the tower.
  • Everyone went to the tower with their bounty except for Dreke and Stig
  • Dreke spent his time on the ship, giving everyone else info on the tower.
  • The group (Sirra included) ascended the tower:
  • Along the way, the group had to convince people and sneak through several different levels (Floor 42-47)
    • Floor 42: Group turned in bounty. Given permission to go find Val Corden.
    • Floor 43-45: Group slowly ascend the tower, getting proper ID to continue.
    • Floor 46: Group destroys DeathWatch invasion force led by Val Corden before going to CEO’s office.
    • Floor 47: Val Corden’s Office. C-17 downloads the information for the Dark Trooper Project from his terminal.
  • Guards alerted. Group escapes from the top of the tower with the help of Stig.

Leaving Mandalore

After procuring the Mandalorian Protectors’ sought-after information and slowing down the Death Watch invasion force, the group returned to Concord Dawn to return the info.

  • PCs jump to hyperspace before they are pursued by Mandalorian Security.
  • Despite having a slower hyperdrive, the PCs beat the Death Watch invasion force.
  • Group lands on Concord Dawn and informs Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa about the impending fleet.
  • Fenn takes the information and pays the group, promising more work for Dreke in the future.
  • Fenn informs the group that they would pay to learn who freed Val Corden.
  • As the group was leaving, TIE fighters and gunboats invaded Concord Dawn.
  • The group jumped to hyperspace defeating most of the pursuing fighters.
  • The PCs set course for The Wheel in the Besh Gorgon system.

A Derelict Station

After several days of space travel, the group was thrown out of hyperspace in a small asteroid field with nothing except a small, derelict space station. Without enough fuel to enter hyperspace, the group decided to approach the station with hopes that it would have fuel and supplies to get them to The Wheel.

  • Group lands in a hangar bay in a small, circular, extremely old-looking space station.
  • Station’s power and life support were inactive.
  • Passage to the fuel pump was blocked off by debris.
  • PCs floated through the station to activate power and find a path to the refueling station.
    • Sirra and C-17 searched through the crew quarters and recreation area.
    • Marcus and Stig searched the Medbay and surgical areas.
    • Krassk rummaged through the kitchen.
  • PCs found a large droid repository with 30 aging droids.
    • The droids were found to be on low-power standby mode.
    • Marcus and C-17 set up traps to slow them down should they move.
    • In doing so, Marcus fried 5 of them without alerting the others.
  • Power generator was located along with the cryobay.
  • PCs released the person in Cryogenesis and carried him to the ship after turning on the power.

Once the power was activated in the derelict space station, the group noticed the 25 remaining droids approaching the group from several different angles. Rather than running from the horde menacingly approaching them, the group valiantly fought destroying every droid and procuring 3500 cr worth of scrap from the station.

After the fight, the group noticed that their recently-released cryogenically-frozen friend was nowhere to be found and the ship’s ramps was extended.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Addiction
  • Experience: +15 XP



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