Fringes of Space

Looting the Vault

Under New Management

Scouting Blackwind Crater

Following the ambush by the small squad of clone mercenaries in the jungles of Blackwind crater on the volcanic world of Saleucami, the crew was in the middle of a rest in an abandoned Republic research facility halfway down the crater. The crew, along with Kandria Grene and Graf Lind, were preparing to infiltrate the CIS Vault and take the Mask of the leader of the Veiled Sorority by force.

  • Marcus found a note on the ship detailing the exact location of the crew and found them in the crater.
    • Marcus also discovered that Gary sullied his bag.
  • The rest of the crew recovered from their rest eager to enter the base.
  • On the way to the facility, the crew asked Kandria about what they should expect.
    • She told them that the Sorority did accept men, but would not give them leadership roles.
    • The Sorority was broken up into cells, and usurping the Queen’s mantle would let the crew use them.
    • She believes that the queen’s guard would be made up of exclusively women.
    • She believes that the queens’ guard is also extremely zealous and not likely to be negotiated with.
  • The crew encountered two patrol guards on the way to the facility.
    • The two consisted of a man and a woman.
    • The crew opted to capture the patrol and force them to “call in” that the noise was nothing to be concerned with.
    • Seeing that this queen’s guard patrol had a man in it, Kandria felt that they could be convinced to betray the queen.
  • The group “convinced” the two to help them remove the queen and “liberate” their allies on the lower levels.
  • The two said that the upper levels consisted of the higher-ranking members and that the “new recruits” were only allowed in the lower levels.
    • They drew a rough map of the facility detailing the lower level of the facility.

Meeting the Queen

Armed with two new allies and a rough map of the general area, the crew, led by both Krassk and Kandria Grene, decided on a slightly new plan. The group was to enter the facility and steal/take the mask from the pirate queen without killing anyone on the lower level. The group would enter the facility from two different points: the lower main entrance and the upper-level’s landing pad/hangar area.

  • Marcus and Jak used an ascension gun to ride to the top.
    • On the way, the two caused the lower guards to go on alert.
  • The lower group consisted of Sirra, Krassk, Gary, Jonesy, C-17, Kandria, Graf, and their two new recruits.
    • The went in through the front door and incapacitated the two alert guards manning the side bunkers.
    • They continued, splitting up and both encountering a mirrored set of barracks full of sleeping/dazed guards.
    • They incapacitated some guards and looted their gear, noting that the facility could comfortably hold about 40 people.
  • The upper team encountered a lone guard idly watching the landing platform.
    • Jak lept through the air and incapacitated the guard while Marcus found a stealthy route through the hangar.
    • The two continued to evade the pirates, noting that the pirates were busy loading cargo to their small transport.
    • The two eventually made it to a communication center as they were “had” by a couple of elite guards.
    • They loudly eliminated the guards, sending the facility into lockdown and took refuge in the communications room.
  • The rest of the crew continued through until they heard the alarm blare through the comms.
  • They encountered a group of pirates going from the rec room/kitchen to the central lift.
    • They decided to ambush the group, leading to a quick firefight.
    • The group eventually incapacitated most of the group, while some of them surrendered due to running out of ammo.
  • The crew ascended the lift, finding a group of pirates waiting for them through another door at the top of the lift.
    • They were taken care of via a “knockout” grenade courtesy of Sirra, allowing them to regroup with Jak and Marcus.
  • Meanwhile, Jak and Marcus found a Sorority tech specialist manning the comm station.
  • The captured her, learning that she (Mandi) was responsible for the various clues to find the base being accessible in the first place.
    • She gave Kreezo the marked crates and lightened SororiNet’s security.
    • she admitted to wanting Revah, the current queen, out of the picture to actually do something with the sorority again.
  • The two took Mandi, and met with the rest of the crew.

New Management

Once the crew was reunited on the upper level of The Vault, they deduced that the Pirate Queen was in the last, unexplored room. After meeting, it was fairly clear that Kandria and Mandi didn’t trust each other, with Mandi calling Kandria a traitor. Putting aside any conflict, the group decided to bust down the door…

  • The group was met with heavy resistance.
    • The room consisted of 8 elite guard, 2 specialists, and the well-equipped pirate queen.
  • Seeing that the pirates were well dug in, the crew opted to breach a weak wall near the main door.
  • After a lengthy fight, the crew eliminated the majority of the pirates, taking only the queen and two others prisoner.
  • Once the queen saw Kandria and the crew working together, she told them what she did.
    • Kandria worked with the Black Sun to (almost) eliminate the pirate group in an attempt to become leader of her own guildhall.
    • She gave up vital coordinates and information on the main fleet, leading to its destruction.
  • Kandria wanted Krassk to kill the queen and the remaining (high-level) pirate members, including Mandi.
    • She wanted this as they couldn’t be trusted and would likely find/tell the other cells, ruining her plan.
    • Krassk obliged, killing all of them including Mandi, much to Jak’s dismay.
  • Krassk told Kandria that he didn’t care what she did and that they were going to rule the criminal underbelly together.
  • Kandria told the group that she needed time to find the other pirate cells, and that she may need help in the future to reunite the pirates
  • She promised Krassk that once the whole crew was together, they would kill Cleezo.
  • The crew scavenged the base leaving only enough supplies to hold the remaining pirates over for a few months.
  • Kandria donned the mask and literally changed shape, appearing the be the Sorority queen.
  • The crew left Saluecami, knowing that the CSA job was going to start in only a few days
    • The crew decided to travel to Nar Shaddaa for one final pit stop.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Favor
  • Experience: 15
    • Krassk: +3


Marcus POV
Journal entry 36
After cleaning the Vornskr shit out of my kit I left to regroup with crew, who thankfully left a note about where they were heading. Renting a swoop I hurried to the location they had set aside for me. What looks some kind of a quarry, I could see them a ways down. Using my new fancy grav-chute, I leapt off the cliff and floated down to there camp. Krassk gave me a rundown of the situation. We’re here to find the Vailed Sorority. The plan is to infiltrate the facility, find the pirate queen and kill her. I guess the way this group operates is that who ever has the mask controls the Sorority. After we deal with the queen, Greene will take her place. Sounds like a plan.

ps. I swear Gary was eyeballing me smugly.

Update one.
Were just about to breach the queens vault. After entering the facilty we bested and captured two lower level gaurds, a male and female. The story is, that they’re light on numbers so they’ve began hiring males for lower tier positions. The two guided us into the facility. Jak and I scaled to the outside and into a the upper hanger entrance. While the rest of the team entered through the lower entrance. Only one guard watching over the landing platform. Jak quickly dealt with her while quietly moved through the hanger. While we silently slipped through the hanger it seemed like they were prepping a small cargo transport. Everything was going well until we neared the control tower entrance, when what looked like two of the elite guard spotted jak. Not wanting to waste any more time then we needed to we dispatched one guard and barricaded ourselves into the comm room.

We prepared to take out the comm operator but she quickly surrendered. Mandi is her name, she explained to us that she is the one who left the train for Krassk to find this place as well as lightened security tonight. After hearing some blaster fire out side we exited the comm room and regrouped. There’s only one part of the facility left. The queens quarters. They are undoubtedly prepping an ambush on the other side of the door so c-17 is going to grind open a hole and then breach the entrance and we’ll hopefully blindside then. Looks like he’s about done. Here goes nothing.

Update 2:
I… am not dead. The resistance was even fiercer then I had expected. But we did manage to hold our own. After the fight we had all bur two elite guards dead and the queen captured. After the fighting the queen told us about Kandria. She betrayed the Sorority, working with the black sun to overthrow a sect and take control of a guild hall. Kandria didn’t argue any of those points, only asking Krassk to kill the queen and the remaining guards. She also wanted Mandi dead, Jak and I tried to convince her that she could be convinced not to give up Kandria’s identity to the other sisters. Krassk wasn’t having any of it however and killed all 4 of them. Oh well I got a pretty sick rapier out the deal, and now we have a league of pirate assassins on our side. We scavenged the base and are making our way back to the Wayfarer. Gonna stop briefly at Nar Shaddaa before beginning the CSA job.

Looting the Vault

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