Fringes of Space

Leaving Ord Mantell

Considering Leads


The recap could begin and end here.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Addiction
  • Experience: 5
    • Krassk: +1
    • Sirra: +1
    • C-17: +1


Achive: Putting up the prefab (as we in the industry call it). not a single room in the thing. Marcus started acting all funny and nervous, seemingly apprhensive. i casually asked him what was going on while i was laying out his room, he seemed scared that i was a jedi, i dont think he understands it though, says he had a force sensitive pilot that they lost shortly after their encounter with a imperial force user. i told him not to worry, that i am a good force, seemed to put him at ease, the lack of lore from word of mouth these days, though i guess the empire will do pretty much anything to keep it out of peoples mouths and forgotten. he helped out putting the ship together until he was comm’d and had to go help someone with something, was no big deal, i wasn’t in dire need for assistance to lift walls.

archive excerpt: krassk came back aborad the ship, i was excited to show him his room and the the extra space i used to accommodate gary, but he seemed sollen, and comm’d the crew to call for a meeting, guess things didn’t go as planned for him and now we got an extra passanger and he has new manegement working some heat on him. hate to say it, but seems like what he tried to do got done to him. but he offered us a couple jobs options we can do for some credits. Seems to be an almost unoffical leader, at least when it comes to supplying for the crew, securing this information, not sure how many bothans died getting this. he mentioned a pirate crew doing runs to aleen in the system, that got my attention. I remember from my studies that it was a almost desolate planet, but a very force aware planet. with a population in only the few thousands, and being near nomadic to current galaxly i decided to go and see what i can find there, maybe i can stumble across a force vergance or find out something from a tribe regarding a fellow jedi in exile hiding or that has passed by. i think its worth a shot, even if it is a long one, if it means destorying the empire the sith have rebuilt. the rest of the crew favored a more lucrative job possibility, but will be heading back toward aleen after the fact. so works out, i got a few days to see what i can gather about this planet and learn more. Coming here was the will of the force, i have no doubt of that. May the force guide us.

Leaving Ord Mantell

Marcus’s POV
Journal entry #32
The Wayfarer project is under way. Jak has begun assembling the pre-fab walls of the ship. Chet and company really didn’t do anything for this thing. I’m helping out as needed, as well as doing some last minute supply shopping before we get off this rock. While I was helping Jak out. I noticed something, similar to something I saw with Stig. While Jak was working, he’d reach out for a tool that was just out of reach and the tool would move into his hand on its own. I can’t explain that anyway besides Jak being a force user like Stig. Jak must’ve seen me be kind of wary after coming to this realization, because he asked me what was up. I was a little apprehensive about just asking if jack was a force user or not, but if he’s gonna be hanging with us for a while its probably best to just get it out of the way. I told him about Stig and that he was a force sensitive and about how it was the reason the empire sent my cousin after us. And between Stig, Aron, and Barten Fell, I’m a little nervous about another Force type on the Crew. He did assure me that he was on the light side, whatever that means, and that he was trained in the force by his father, who was a Jedi in the days of the old repbulic.

All my life I’d been told that the old Jedi order was a myth or a fairy tale. The Empire always seem to down play the impact the jedi’s had in the republic. More BS spun by the Compnor no doubt. Though it does seam odd. The empire managed to almost completely erase any records of the Jedi’s existence. Yet to date we’ve encountered: A force sensitive Chiss Pilot, freed a ancient dark Jedi lord, discovered a mystic plant that can give anyone force sensitivity, were ambushed by my dark jedi cousin, and now have the son of old republic jedi on board our ship. I wouldn’t be surprised if C-17 is some kind of force droid at this point. (actually that would explain C-17’s human like traits, put a pin in that one)

Update 1:
(insert whatever it was that was important that I had go do here)

Update 2:
With that finished, I got a call from Krassk. He wants to hold a meeting in the Wayfarer’s new conformance room, Finally gonna put that mahogany conference table to use.

Update 3:
Well things in the black sun world have apparently gone sour. First red flag was that Faarl was on our ship, and as usual looking none to pleased to be here himself. I tried to talk to him about why he was here? He however just sighed and told me to wait for Krassk to explain.

Update 4:
So Kleezo, has seen through Krassk’s and Teemo’s affairs and Teemo, been “removed” from the Black Sun hierarchy. We don’t know if he’s alive or dead. Kleezo is a businessman however, and I guess letting Krassk live and doing some work for him is more usefull then killing him outright. Said work, I guess, involves transporting a crew of slavers to Kashyyyk. The concept of irony clearly not lost on Kleezo. There was a bit of rabble about what were going to do about that.

Update 5:
Well for our first flight is already kind of odd. After deciding to hold off on any decisions about the slavers. Krassk had two other locations that had possibilities. Aleen, which Jak has taken a particular interest in. As well as Dorin, the Planet that Caston was going to. We have our first cargo transport job there as well as some information about who Caston was meeting. So with that info, Krassk took Jak to Aleen for him to investigate solo. While the rest of use would would christen the Wayfarer’s maiden voyage to Dorin.

Leaving Ord Mantell

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