Fringes of Space

Kuat Drive Yards (part 2)

Shifting Priorities

Casing the Joint

Still new arrivals to the bustling Imperial center of legal trade goods for the core worlds of Kuat, Krassk was still moving his supply via magrail across the station while the rest of the group was planning on breaking Stig out of the heavily-fortified Kuat Drive Yards interim security module.

  • Krassk continued to move spice to Jax across the station
    • noted Tenloss Corporation shipyards
    • wrote the second episode of “Everybody Loves Krassk.”
  • Marcus delivered the bota specimen to Empire’s Scouting Department.
    • met Dilbert Reynolds and his long-lost cousin, Aron Horne.
    • Skulked around the KDY prison sector.
  • Sirra ran into a familiar face: Captain Parnell Lott who said he was looking for a Lt Commander to deliver some info to Toprawa.
  • C-17 gathered supplies to orchestrate a terrorist attack on the industrial modules of KDY.
    • Placed explosives on three major fuel lines on the North West side of the ring.
  • Stig rallied his group and planned their escape.
    • Nek, Breelo Yavik, Do’Fenna, Aneen, and a redshirt were to ambush the guards while Vidar and Sella made a scene in the common area.

Prison Break

Having come up with several different plans individually, the crew began their prison break. Krassk and Sirra were busy doing stuff, Marcus was staking out the security module, Stig was ready to lead a charge, and C-17 was ready to call in a bomb threat.

  • Marcus took note of two heavily armed chiss walking around the station.
    • They revealed that they were to eliminate Stig before he gave up any information to the Empire.
  • Stig and his associates tackled the guards while the riot was taking place.
    • After being spotted by a camera, the prisoners met several stormtroopers after slicing the door.
    • Revealing his force sensitivity, Stig stole a blaster rifle, prompting the troopers to “call it in.”
  • After an alarm sounded, C-17, set space-topic on fire and called space-911 about the bomb threat.
    • Speaking to officer Rourke, he tried to negotiate a trade before more bombs went off.
  • Marcus and Sirra took note of the confused crowd gathering around the prison module.
    • Marcus looked for a way in via ventilation shaft.
    • Sirra spoke to 2 junior officers in an attempt to get them to evacuate immediately.

At this point the station is on high alert and is considering evacuating the civilian zones.

  • Stig fought more troopers, losing Breelo and the redshirt while Aneen was unconcious.
  • Marcus slid through the ventilation shafts and found Stig’s gear in the armory.
  • C-17 set off more explosives despite an enraged Rourke. Rourke kept C-17 on long enough to find his decoy transmitter
  • Sirra watched as her smitten junior officers began moving everyone in the area (and eventually the station) to evacuate.
  • Krassk offered to do some work for Vaneesh Chekka on Ord Mantell in exchange for Tenloss corporation moving the rest of his supply.

Evacuation Aftermath

Stig, Sirra, and Marcus met up after the evacuation and began their long journey across the planet-spanning space station. C-17 went back to the ship while Krassk flew back with Tenloss Corporation’s freighter to move the Ryll Spice to Jax.

  • Stig, Marcus, and Sirra commandeered a slow vehicle to get them to the ship faster.
  • Krassk moved the rest of the supply to Jax and collected his 20000 cr.
    • Krassk also began trekking back to the ship.
  • After fully reuniting, the crew monitored the two interdictor cruisers looking for a way out.
  • Marcus planted C-17’s transmitter on an unsuspecting YT-model freighter.
    • The freighter flew away, distracting the two cruisers.
    • C-17 and Rourke vow vengeance.
  • The PCs ship flys away toward Alderaan knowing the ship’s transponder was identified.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Favor (45)
  • Experience: 15



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