Fringes of Space

Kuat Drive Yards

Mantellian Pit Stop

Finding Stig

Stunned by Stig’s imprisonment, the remaining party members went to Ord Mantell to drop off their live cargo and gather information about the popular Kuat Drive Yards spaceport and shipyard. Meanwhile, fresh off of having his eyes surgically repaired, Stig gathered information on his sudden imprisonment.

  • The crew landed on Ord Mantell at the small scavenger town of Freelorin.
  • The crew did some light shopping while Krassk spoke to Black Sun’s Teemo the Hutt.
    • Teemo offered a smuggling job to Kuat in exchange for some brownie points with Vigo Clezo.
  • The crew noticed both Caston Mor and B4-D4 weren’t on the ship
    • After several hours of searching, the crew found no leads and left them to their fate.
  • Stig spoke with several of the inmates in Kuat’s interim jail.
  • He learned that:
    • He was being tried as a member of the Rebel Alliance.
    • Several of the prisoners were there for the same thing.
    • His cellmate, Nek, is somehow affiliated with Winter, Perek, and a chiss named Rels.
    • That he is going to be shipped off to trial in Coruscant in 2 weeks.

The Imperial Shipyards

Over the next 12 days, Stig would continue to find out more about his dire situation and cellmates, while the remaining crew were on their way to the center of the galaxy with a cargo bay full of drugs. After a relatively short voyage through hyperspace, the crew landed on the vast space shipyards that encircled the lush planet below.

  • The crew landed on the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) orbital platform.
  • C-17, Marcus, and Sirra would go to individually meed with Stig in the Imperial security module.
  • Krassk med with his contact, Jax, and looked for ways to discreetly move his spice shipment through the facility undetected.
    • He would go on to borrow a container from Jax and move his 12 crates 1/2 a crate at a time, taking 2 hours per trip.
  • After meeting with Stig, the crew began scheming a plan to break him out.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Sirra: Family
  • Experience: 10



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