Fringes of Space

Karazak Slavers

The New Droid Rights Movement

Dealing with the Karazak Slavers

Following their success at defeating the pirates stalking the route from Pattite Pattuna to Aleen, the crew was getting ready to bring the slavers on their ship. The group took care of some clerical issues (crafting, shopping, talking) and brought the slavers on their ship.

  • The slavers consisted of 35 people (w/ equipment), 3 speeder bikes, 1 personnel transport, and some gear.
    • The total encumbrance took up 600.
    • Faarl, Teemo the Hutt’s ex-liason was assisgned to overlook Krassk’s dealings from now on.
    • The dejected Faarl boarded the ship and took residence in the guest room.
  • Before leaving, Krassk was quietly approached by Kandria Grene.
    • She wanted a favor; a ride to Saleucami to take care of some unfinished business.
  • The slavers identified themselves as the Karazak Slavers Cooperative.
  • The KSC were led by Canderous Draven. The slavers had a fairly professional demeanor.
  • Along the way, the group encountered a group of cultists asking for food supplies.
    • The group indulged them and received some medical supplies in return.
  • Krassk was trying to intimidate the group with Gary
    • He was also trying to contact Vaneesh to set up a private communique.
  • Marcus was avoiding the slavers and spoke to Kandria about her relationship with Cleezo.
    • Not good…
  • Jak kept away from the slavers and worked on his armor for Tenloss Corporation in solitude.
  • Sirra flew the ship in a comatose, but alert, state.
  • C-17 crafted some modifications for the slaver’s gear.
  • Along the way, Draven and Faarl informed the crew that the plan was always to travel to Zadoria in the Hapes Cluster.
    • Faarl was unaware, but Draven knew the plan, stating that Cleezo said Kashyyyk to enrage Krassk.
    • Zadaria was fairly close to Kashyyyk, changing the plan only somewhat.
    • Draven also told them, that they didn’t need to stick around.
    • The slavers were to use their vehicles for a hit and run, boarding with a proper slave transport coming from Zygerria a little later.
  • The crew landed the wayfarer on Zadaria, dropping the slavers off on a lush planet near a semi-populous village.
  • The slavers were nearly gone, until Jak-Phi shot the main carrier with the ion cannon, disabling it.
    • Stunned, the crew flew away, spotting the Y164 slave transport intended to pick the KSC up.
    • Draven called back enraged, and Krassk told him what “happened.”
    • Faarl had a ghostly look on his face, realizing that the operation was likely a bust.
  • The crew resumed their hyperspace travel in awkward silence.

Traveling Wookie Crew

Following their “success” in delivering the slavers to Zadaria, the crew wanted to finally drop off the ex-pitfighter wookies from Ord Mantell’s The Surge.

  • Krassk brought the wookies down one-by-one in the Y-wing.
  • After surveying the woods of Kashyyyk, the wookie passengers identified where they used to live.
  • Krassk dropped them off and was eventually greeted by their tribal leader.
    • Hearing their “anti-slave” actions and noting their friends rescue, the wookies pledged their alliegance to Krassk and his crew.
  • The crew all decieded that the next thing to do would be to help C-17 inspect a mining colony on Gavos for Taskarti.
  • Along the way, the group encountered a small wormhole.
    • They went through it, noting that it put them somewhere near the Tion Cluster.
    • Seeing that it would only last for a few more minutes, the crew returned and resumed their journey to Gavos.

The New Droid Rights Movement

The group set down on a stormy planet of Gavos to inspect the Oridelve Oridium Mining Colony purchased by C-17’s primary business contact, Taskarti. Taskarti tasked C-17 with inspecting the mines to see its profitability and collect this month’s pay, 100,000 cr, to pay off Taskarti’s debts to his loaner, Bargos the Hutt. Once collected, C-17 is to deliver the money to Bargos on Nal Hutta.

  • The group entered the mining colony to no receptionist’s greeting.
    • Checking the small receptionist area revealed a small pool of blood and a light trail heading to the hallway door.
  • The group split up to cover more ground.
    • Krassk and Jak entered the kitchen, finding a chef droid serving food to 3 dead miners.
    • C-17, Sirra, and Marcus went down the hallway/barracks, finding a dead trandoshan (knife wound).
  • The group continued until the captain’s quarters, central computer, and 3D-4K receptionist droid were found.
    • 3D-4K is a protocol droid affixed with a restraining bolt saying that he didn’t remember anything until the power went out.
    • The captain’s quarters revealed a medical droid claiming that the remaining miners were trapped in the mine by pirates.
    • The central computer showed mining reports, storm barrier generator status, profits, and several cameras.
    • The cameras showed several miners entering the mines, a different ship entering the other platform, and the other ship’s crew.
  • Continuing through the mines, the crew discovered several other droids, crates, a workshop, and the mine entrance.
  • An administrator droid directing several other droids to move crates to the loading area were among them.
    • The droid claimed that he saw pirates from the other ship chase the miners deep into the mine.
    • The droids were comprised of several repurposed B1s, an erratic R2, the supervisor, some large loader droids, and some inactive miner droids.
  • The group went deep into them mine, eventually coming to a barricaded end to the tunnel.
  • The group spoke to the miners, proving that they weren’t droids (except C-17 and Jonesey).
  • The miners told the crew what happened:
    • The admin droid tricked the miners into thinking the missing crew was trapped in the mine.
    • The droids started firing on them wildly, injuring some.
    • The storm generators have been slowly going offline, spelling doom to all the miners on Gavos.
  • The crew went back to confront the admin, finding the way blocked and several armed droids standing guard.
  • After 2 quick fights, the crew managed to destroy the majority of the droids and prepare to evacuate.
  • Krassk and C-17 boarded the Vorn to stop the storm generators from being destroyed.
    • They found a cloud car traveling from point to point.
    • Unable to close the gap fast enough, the 2nd-to-last generator was destroyed.
    • One more would compromise the colony, bankrupting it.
    • They managed to gain the advantage and destroy the cloud car in one shot.
  • The crew reconvened in the mine to discuss Bargos’ payment and the future of Taskarti’s mine.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Y-Wing Loan
  • Experience: 14


Jak-phi Archive. Normally I’m fully behind whatever krassk chooses to do, but this slavery business and I could not stand for he has somehow been forced into a deal we had to take about 35 slavers to a planet to enslave everyone they could. I knew that I couldn’t fight them all off alone, then everyone else seemed just a step aside and let them aboard our ship. I could hear our droid C-17 talking about ways to murder every single one of them each of them getting more and more outlandish but all plausible and necessary. is a long journey but none of them spoke to me I probably would have tried to slay whichever one try to reason and discuss with me. C-17 went from one and have them all murdered to making weapons for them. Weapons for slavers. I can still think of anything I could do to save the poor people at these slavers were going to enslave, torture, rape and murder. As we got to the planet they changed course, we had to go to another one where we got information that a frigate was supposed to meet up with them and pick them all up off a speed operation for I guess they were just enslaving just one towns worth that they could snag up. We approach the planet and we got close to landing and I saw nobody else was ready except for the slavers their leader unfortunately was nowhere that I could see. Seeing their assault craft I knew that their main operations within that one craft so I went to our main eye on her it to disable it upon their launch ruining their operation to pick up the entire town and to enslave those poor helpless unknowing folks that we had delivered their their potential slave owners and murderers from. Michelle was a direct hit it seemed to neutralize the vehicle entirely amazing since I’ve never fired a ship base weapon before.
Archive note. The crew look displeased with me and my actions, I can’t blame them for not wanting to stand up vs. And army heavily outnumbered but there’s no reason to stand idly by and let the indifference good people go down because they chose not to take any action to prevent or do anything to help. They chose to in fact deliver these people to them to murder them, to rape them, enslave them. I’m a man of action so I had to do something, rather than let whathappened to be and my village and father happen again. Not on my watch.
Archive note. We reach Kassyk and krassk personally drop off the wookies flying them all down himself. He didn’t say anything upon reaching back and we proceeded to fly toward the next plan their destination C-17 business to be handled.
Archive note. We got to the planet to see a massive storm going on nothing anyone could live inside. There was just radio silence so we proceeded to land and go through the building finding only dead bodies apparently been shot including one Droid left alone they’re still cooking seemingly unaware that there been a shootout. Prestige clear the building by name only another couple of Droids that seem to have no clue what was going on. Upon reaching the maintenance hangar we had a bunch of doors moving boxes back and forth like idiots the telling us a couple survivors and made their way into the mines so we proceeded to go down. locating a barricade to keep them in this area. We let them out found out they’re factored in a Droid Uprising and that they were trying to lead their own little Coupe we proceeded up to fight off the Droid and it’s and we proceeded to destroy them all while they screamed obscenities about there are little uprising. Their bet would have been to be a CUS droid back in the day. The battle went pretty smoothly except for when marcus shot me in the back with an AP round while I was fighting a large 13 foot droid, that kind of hurt. Claims it was an accident, I don’t know how you can miss a Droid that large. Need to help this guy see better, said it was his first shot with this rifle. We had to scramble quickly after the battle knowing that there was a vehicle destroying these pillows I was keeping the storm out from destroying this building and innocent lives. Luckily krask and C-17 manage to take it down with his y-wing before the station was lost.

Karazak Slavers

Marcus POV
Journal entry #34

After landing and cashing in on our pirate haul. We started loading up the slavers for the Kashyyyk run. As far as I knew we haven’t really come up with a plan for how to subvert their plan. Ultimately this is Krassk’s party and I’ll trust that he knows what to do. As we began loading up the slavers, I watched to make sure no Imperials or worse my cousin slipped on board. We have another passenger on board. A woman I didn’t know approached Krassk, he’d seemed to know who she was as he allowed her on board with out much question. Even gave her one of the crew guest quarters. Might have to chat her up latter.

Update 1:
I talked Krassk’s buddy. Her name is Kandria Green. She was a Black Sun higher up. She seemed pretty against talking to me about it but, eventually she told us that her and Krassk were planning to over through Cleezo and with Teemo’s help (if he’s still alive) take control of the Black sun in this sector.

Update 2:
Is everyone who uses the force an idiot? I have plenty of evidence to support this theory with Stig. Jak is now furthering this notion. The commander of these slavers, Draven, told us to change course. The Kashyyyk, thing was a lie to test how far Krassk would go. Instead we’d drop them on a rear by world known as Zadaria. We were to drop them off, thats it. They’ll get picked up by their main force. Everything would have gone fine, if not for Jak. As we flew away he fired an Ion cannon shot on the slaver ground transport, disabling it. The rest of us were completely stunned. We were good, I mean I take no join it what we were doing, but what could we do, stopping them would have dire affect with the Black Sun. Jak later told us that this whole situation was inexplicably similar to how he lost his Father and home town. I can kind of sympathies with this, but he still may have just gotten us all killed. C-17 requested we set sail for Gavos. A client of his requested we inspect a mine.

Update 3:
Of course, nothing we do is every that simple is it. When we arrived the facility PA was waring that the storm repeling generators were going off line. The facilty itself is empty save for a few droids. We could see the evidence of a conflict however. A pool of blood in the reception area. As we progressed deeper into the mine we encountered a protocol droid. 3d-4k he was fitted with a restraining bolt and didn’t know what was happening. After investigating the captains quarters we discovered a medical droid who stated the miners were trapped within the mine itself. As we progressed further we saw less advanced droids continuing their jobs throughout the mine. The quiet is unsettling, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Update 4:
We dropped off the Wookies, the chieftain said we’d always be welcome he even excepted krassk. Maybe there is hope for the Trando/Wookie relationship yet.

Update 5:
That… was not what I was expecting. After we reached the trapped miners. They told use the droids them selves had revolted. After freeing them, the droids turned on us. Its a Trap! We managed to fight our way through the droids that were now no longer moving crates but firing on us instead. Finally an opportunity to use the M-38. It didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped. The first shot missed. I don’t understand why. After ducking back and readjusting my position I tried again. Jak had since gotten right on the enemy droids. I aimed right at a droid well to the left of Jak. I think C-17 may have not done quite as good a joob fitting this me as I thought because my last det round hit right. Right on Jaks back. Thankfully he didn’t seem to hurt. (some impressive armor.) Ok I just need to compensate to the left. Afterward my hits started to land. We encountered the medical droid and 3d-4k ordering the lower mining droids. 4K began spouting some rhetoric about a new droids rights movement. We discovered that a ship we’d seen earlier had taken off and had began destroying the storm generators. Krassk and C-17 got on the Y-wing to chase the cloud car. Jak and I took one of the miners vehicles to try and stabilize the damaged generators. Thankfully we were not needed as Krassk managed to destroy the enemy cloud car before it could take out enough generators to doom us all. C-17 talked with the mining captain and got what he needed for the client on Nal Hutta.

Karazak Slavers

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