Fringes of Space

Irradiated Salvage

Scrap Haul

Mantellian Scavenger Redux

Desperate for money, the PCs, Krassk, C-17, Marcus, Stig, and Sirra, have taken a job from Vaneesh Chekka to find and recover whatever the source of immense radiation in Ord Mantell’s scraplands. Along the way, the group has been collecting salvage both for sale and their own use (crafting) in their A-A5 Speeder Truck. Following several days of travel and multiple run-ins with an unknown hostile group, the crew uncovered a mostly-intact, buried ship near a river of toxic sludge.

  • The crew entered the ship in the remnants of an engine room.
  • Among the rubble, the crew encountered:
    • 7(5) Photon Spiders in the cockpit near an intact control terminal.
    • 2 Mantellian Savrips sleeping in a weapon control room.
    • The weapon room also had an ancient datapad in a cool, dry place
    • Several unique pazaak cards in the crew lounge.
    • Other unique scrap in the engineering bay.
  • After collecting their new gear, the crew resumed their journey to the radiation zone.
  • C-17 later discovers that the datapad details travel from Eriadu.
    • States that the ship was on its way to reinforce the “front.”
    • Headed to a particular destination in the scraplands, near the Savorrian Sea.

Car’Das Welcoming Party

After 2 days of travel, the crew set down to find some high quality scrap in the most lucrative, and most dangerous, section of the scraplands. After filling the truck with scrap, and not noticing they’ve been tracked, the crew continued their journey until setting down before night.

  • C-17 spots a scope glint from several hundred meters away
    • A rocket is fired at the still truck without warning and the crew is ambushed.
    • The soft hum of backup is heard coming from the South.
  • The crew eliminates the dug in ambushers, recognizing the gear/uniform to be the same as the last groups.
  • An aerial vehicle drops off several troops and a speeder bike.
    • The crew eliminate the bike and are promptly disabled by the transport (ion).
    • The vehicle unloads the rest of the crew in a safe area and demands the PCs’ surrender.
  • After a lengthy fight, the crew dispatch with most of the mercenaries.
  • Near the end of the fight, the ship is boarded by Krassk, Stig, and Marcus.
    • The crew captured the ship as it flew off and returned it to the battlezone.
  • 4 mercs are captured: Ship pilot, two soldiers, and a commander.
    • Commander is executed and remaining mercs join crew after interrogation.
  • The crew learns that:
    • Mercs are members of the Car’Das.
    • The Car’Das are defending the irradiated area for the CSA.
    • Backup is on the way, and they won’t fall for a bluff like last time.
  • Expecting backup, the crew takes several precautions:
    • Disguise the speeder truck.
    • Put Crix (pilot) on the transport’s gun.
    • C-17 attempts to repair the system damage on the truck.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Favor
  • Experience: 15



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