Fringes of Space

Inquisition Aftermath

Cashing in Stig

Mantellian Scavengers Restitution

Following their major defeat at the hands of the Imperial inquisitor, Aron Horne, the galactic adventurers fled the radiation zone to return to Worlport. Lacking the actual physical power core, the group has secured a large collection of information with hopes that Vaneesh Chekka, the patron for their current job, will be satisfied. Possessing several critical injuries, the crew begins their trip hoping that there will be no complications during the 6 day trip.

  • After an uneventful trip through the scraplands, the crew set down in Worlport.
    • Stig, fearing his inevitable doom, drafted a will and left his possessions to Marcus.
  • C-17 and Marcus dropped the cargo skiff off to Morteos.
    • Morteos let them know that the he gave Aron Horne their information.
  • Krassk, Dreke, and Stig set the Rush transport down in Teemo’s shadowport.
    • Krassk and Dreke set a trap, prompting several mandalorians to ambush.
    • The two sold Stig to the mandalorians in return for a starfighter.
    • Stig’s hand was removed, and his possessions were taken.
  • The crew’s morale was down after Stig’s betrayal/death.
  • The next day, the crew turned in Vaneesh’s job.
    • Vaneesh was found in a hospital with a cybernetic arm replacement after an attack by the inquisitor.
    • He took the information as “payment” in place of the actual power source.
  • While in the hospital, the crew met the Nikto, Jak-Phi Niko.
    • He said he has been looking for vengeance on the (an?) inquisitor.
    • He opted to tag along with the group, seeing as they are the only known survivors to such an attack.

Lightcaster Reunion

While the rest of the crew was out in the scraplands, Sirra Lightcaster was contracted by Teemo the Hutt and Faarl, Teemo’s liason, to infiltrate a swanky business party featuring several CSA executives and Imperial treasurers/moffs with Teemo’s agent, Mira Han. Having already entered the building, Sirra has identified her old Brigia “contact” Moff Maxemillian Tempkin among the crowd.

  • Sirra identified the moff to Mira, to which Mira informed her that the moff would most likely have the information they seek.
  • Sirra attempted to pickpocket the moff but failed, prompting Tempkin to notice.
    • Sirra tried to lie, but was recognized as a Lightcaster.
    • This led to Tempkin introducing Sirra to his current assistant, Lucidon, Sirra’s brother.
    • The two mingled, avoiding Tempkin
  • Sirra and Lucidon reconciled. Lucidon gave Sirra some crucial information to stealing the moff’s datapad.
  • Sirra went on to sleuth through the hotel, unnoticed.
    • Operated an empty security room, disabling cameras/noticing guards.
    • Looted a utility closet for some gear.
    • Snuck into a passed-out executive’s room.
    • Jumped from that balcony to another, entering Tempkin’s room.
  • After aquiring the datapad, Sirra and Mira fled the scene while Lucidon tried to distract Tempkin.

Aimless in Worlport

Without any big job leads, the crew took the opportunity to both mourn Stig and do some downtime activities and jobs.

  • C-17 returned his droid to a grateful Taskarti.
    • Gave C-17 an possible contract on making battle droids for a security firm under Taskarti’s name.
  • Sirra returned the datapad to Faarl, getting a reward and some information about the imperial/rebel conflict.
  • Krassk, Jak, and Marcus scouted out Black Sun’s slave quarter in Worlport.
    • The quarren, Squibs, directed them to a gladiatorial ring near the port.
    • The ring, The Surge, was hosting matches both between wookies and challengers.
  • Krassk decided to enter the ring, forgoing prize money for the wookie’s freedom.
    • Krassk won after blinding the wookie.
  • The group brought the wookie back to their bacta tank in C-17’s shop to heal.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Dreke: Duty
  • Experience: 22
    • Krassk: +3
    • C-17: +2
    • Dreke: +1
    • Marcus: +1


Marcus POV:

Journal entry #26

What the hell happened to my cousin!? Aaron is apparently some kind of dark jedi enforcer for the empire now. Does this have something to do the Bota plant? It made me feel connected to the universe around me, which I imagine was the force. It couldn’t have made Aaron that powerful could it?

Somehow we managed to escape. Most of us are ok, But holy hell is Stig messed up. It’s hard to feel bad for him though, Its his own damn fault. Krask and I had a plan to escape but noooo… Stig had to charge in with our new B.A. battle droid,and getting Magnus killed and himself nearly maimed. I did what I could to help Stig but it looks like strong breeze would be the end of him. He seams to be aware of this as well. He’s been uncharacteristically quite during the overnight watches. He’s been writing something, don’t know what.

Update: OK so, Stig is very aware how gruesome his injury is. During tonight’s watch change he gave me what he’s been writing. Its a will. A FUCKING WILL. He left me with some of his gear, I know he’s messed up, but this seams a bit dramatic. Regardless however, when we back to whirlport, we need to get the ship sorted out asap. My cousin is still out there, and he’s hunting me just as much as stig if not more.

Update 2: Just landed back at Whirlport, Returned Morteos’ gear. Unsurprisingly, It was Morteos, that gave up where we were heading to Aaron. I’m not even mad considering the circumstances. Morteos said he’s done dealing with us, again not surprising. Hopefully Stig’s made it to the bacta tank. We need to talk about getting the fuck out of here.

Update 3: So.. Stig’s dead… I guess that coward Dreka was waiting till stig was vulnerable, to betray him to his Madalorian crownies . I know what Stig did to Dreka’s people was terrible, unforgivable even, But this is just crazy. Krask, told me what happened, and as nonchalantly as he seamed to be about the whole thing, he either knew what Dreka was planning, or was in on it himself. The son of a bitch even had what looked like a bit Stig’s hand stuck in his teeth. Every fiber of my being is saying to just fucking bail on this whole crew, but I can’t. I can’t deal with Aaron alone. I can’t get off the world alone.

After nightfall I read stigs will, and divided up his gear. I know he made a lot bad decisions, but he was a part of the crew, Is this really all he gets from us?

Update 4: Looks like Morteos wasn’t the only one my cousin paid a visit to. I went with Krask, to tell Vaneesh what we found at the CSA facility only to find the place trashed and learning Vaneesh had been taken to a hospital (same hospital I worked at). I was actually worried it may have been a trap, so I elected to let the rest of the group go in first while I would ask around for information to see if anyone had seen what looked like a robed figure with any imperials. Coast seemed clear, so I rejoined the group.

Vaneesh got fucked up. Aaron cut off his god damn arm. It seamed like Krask had already calmed him down though. There is also a new dude, names Jak. Seamed like he was interested in my cousin. He said he wants to come with us, seams to think that if he sticks with us he’ll bump into Aaron sooner or later. Hey the guy looks tough, I’ll take any help I can get. He also said the Alderaan was destroyed. New guy might have a few screws loose. It would take a thousand Star destroyers with more firepower then I can possibly imagine to do anything like that.

Update 5: Alderaan’s gone. The Nikto was right. After talking with Vaneesh we visted Teemo, I asked him what he’d heard about, what I thought must have been a crazy rumor, and he confirmed it. This can’t be real. How could the empire have something so powerful. It’s not true, Its impossible.

Update 6: So I guess Krask may have a soul after all. He’s decided we’d try to save the Wookie slaves, we saw last week (anything to get my mind of Alderaan). Teemo told us that they’d been sold to a local fight club. Krask made a deal, to enter a fight with the wookies in a “beat to keep” fight. He loaded himself for bear as well. Beefed up his vibrosword like crazy and even bought me a Cerebral Stabilizer. Good call too, As he actually killed the thing. Thankfully I did manage to bring him back. At least something didn’t have to die today.

Inquisition Aftermath

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