Fringes of Space

Hunter and Hunted

Vanquish Daraay

The Hunter’s Camp

During the group’s return to the forest world of Myrkr at the behest of Marcus in an effort to find the mysterious source of the Force-suppression effect the group experienced last time on the planet, the group was ambushed by Venka Daraay and his reclaimed assassin droid F1-2K. Once F1-2K was defeated, Venka retreated to his ship. Despite his best efforts, Venka was tracked by Marcus and the group was on their way to regroup and deal with him once and for all.

  • Venka’s ship was a Loronar-Class Scout ship fitted with a Ground buzzer cannon.
    • He was loading several captured Vornskr into the lower cargo hold.
  • The group quickly destroyed the buzzer, forcing the hunter to retreat.
  • The group followed him onto his ship and proceeded to look for him.
    • Most doors were locked
    • Venka contacted them over comms, telling them to leave.
    • He told them that he was prepared deal with them for their handling of the Concord Dawn invasion.
  • Before C-17 could bypass the locked doors to the bridge, Venka unleashed several captured Vrblthers.
    • The beasts attacked the group in the rear, while C-17 cracked open the door.
    • Shortly after meeting Venka, Jak instantly killed him with a thrown lightsaber.
  • After dealing with Venka and the Vrblthers, the group scavenged the ship
    • They found notes on the wild Vornskr, survival gear, and his weapons.


After dealing with Venka Daraay, capturing/reprogramming his droid, and thoroughly destroying his ship, the group proceeded to find the force-suppression source and scout out a potential base for Talon Karrde’s outpost.

  • Using their technology, Jak’s force sensitivity, and Xerus’ tracking ability, Marcus:
    • Found the source was a sessile lizard known as Ysalamiri.
    • The lizard was all but attached to the trees and died on removal.
    • Portions of the tree could be removed to allow for transport of the creature.
    • As long as the plant remains alive, the Ysalamiri would continue to as well.
  • After scanning the area, Marcus determined that the base should be near a water source and near the Northern forest.
    • He decided to give the Car’Das the data for their landing zone and several other planet-specific bits of info
  • After loading up their gear and caging their newfound Vornskr pups, the crew left the planet.

A Slaver’s Solicitation

After leaving the planet, the group wanted to travel back to the Tion Cluster for various reasons. Marcus wanted to investigate Talia Varook for a potential ally and C-17 wanted to see his droids’ progress on Pasmin. The trip had two major legs: one on the edge of the inner rim, and one along the Perlemian trade route. Along the inner rim run, the group encountered a ship asking for help.

  • The Twi’lek captain, Seela Var, wanted the group to travel down to a mining colony and free her miners.
    • The miners were trapped in a cave-in and only had a few hours of oxygen left.
    • Her crew couldn’t do it as they were under-equipped and under-manned.
  • The group accepted and descended down to the Type III fiery planetoid.
  • The group navigated the base and the tunnels to find the cave-in
    • The crew freed the miners and got them back on their ship to be delivered to Seela Var.
    • After probing the miners, the crew discovered that they were bought slave labor and forced to work in the poor conditions.
  • The group met with Seela Var, planning on either negotiating or “negotiating” the slave’s freedom.
    • After some talks between Var, Krassk, and C-17 (the “protocol droid”), they agreed to 8000 cr for returning them.
    • Before accepting the deal, Krassk demanded more money and escalated the situation
    • A firefight erupted and the hull of the ship was quickly compromised due to blaster fire.
  • Krassk and C-17 escaped the ship and returned to the Lightcaster 3000.
    • Before jumping to hyperspace, both Lightcaster 3000 and the Vorn were damaged.

Resupply in Tion

After rescuing the slaves, discovering that they were natives to the Hapes Cluster, and dealing with a typical Imperial inspection, the group eventually arrived in the Tion Cluster. C-17 was picked up by Jonesy in his Citadel-class cruiser and went to Pasmin, while the rest of the crew took the Lightcaster 3000 to a shadowport in Brigia (leased by Vaneesh Chekka for 500 cr/day).

  • C-17 relieved Taskarti of his duties and inspected his new ship.
  • Jak spoke to Vaneesh about what Manny Pardo was going to have him do
    • Manny wants Jak to deliver medicinal spice to Endregaad, a planet under blockade.
    • Vaneesh thinks that Manny will want Jak to eliminate a Hutt that went missing a week earlier.
    • Vaneesh wants Jak to ignore his potential request and instead rescue the Hutt alive.
    • Vaneesh would be willing to help supply the run if Pardo doesn’t give enough supplies/info.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Favor
  • Experience: 13
    • Marcus: +3
    • C-17: +3



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