Fringes of Space

Gold in a Sea of Scrap

Hiding in the Waste

Mantellian Rapscallions

Fearing any possible pursuit after their rescue/assault on The Surge, a gladitorial pit featuring several wookie slaves, the crew decided to lay low in the scraplands for a few days. In addition to curing the enraged wookie’s dependency on spice, C-17 also saw this as an opportunity to pursue a lead on a possible M.E.L.D. site. Once the crew was convinced, they decided to aid him in his endeavors.

  • To cure the wookies, the crew split up to find some Gunjack Spice.
    • C-17 and Marcus walked back to Worlport straight to the Gilded Lily cantina.
    • Jak, Krassk, and Sirra remained on the transport just in case.
  • The two got enough spice after dealing with some swoop gangers.
  • Krassk and Jak spent some time enlightening their new wookie friends about Everybody Loves Krassk.
    • Karak also wanted to join in their reenactment of Episode 4: Traffic Court and 6 The Rickshaw.
    • Krassk also began writing Episodes 7 and 8.
  • The group eventually reunited (after 20 hours of foot travel) and set off toward C-17’s mysterious coordinates.
  • During the trip, the group treated the feral wookies rage.
    • Gunjack spice was used to taper down his dependency.
    • The group prematuerly ran out of sedative, complicating the procedure.
    • The feral wookie was restrained and held down while he was awake until he passed out.
    • This continued every few hours or so.
  • The trip there took 3.5 days. Very little happened on the trip, besides some Pazaak.

The Lone Tower

During their trip, C-17 told the group why this location was important. He told them that the several clues have been pointing to a possible factory/hideout/facility harboring stolen droids that C-17 has taken a great interest in. The two clues he told the group about were the word of mouth about droids disappearing and the refurbished stolen droids with transmitters he got from ModWorks Unlimited.

  • After the long trip, the group arrived at a junked star destroyer that looked as if it were there for a decade or more.
  • Thinking that this was the place, the crew scouted the area until night.
    • During the scouting, the crew noted some lights coming from the bridge of the ship.
    • The crew, including Sirra Lightcaster, decided to sneak aboard through the engines under the cover of night.
    • The crew also left the wookies aboard the ship to deal with their enraged friend.
  • The group quietly entered the ship through the “excavated” engine section.
    • There was a small, spider-like droid perched on the top of the tunnel.
    • The droid didn’t move much until Jak and C-17 tried to stealth into the ship.
    • The group left the small droid alone
  • The tunnel ended, leading to a large, lodged, ajar blast door guarding a hangar.
  • There were several droids inhabiting this room
    • Dozens of various types of civilian/corporate/other droids.
    • About 7 C-18 droids were seen among them, including 2 with conical heads.
  • The group all took the turbolift leading to the bridge section of the ship.
  • This turbolift eventually led to a mid-way control/security room.
    • The group stealthily moved through the room, dealing with a C-18 droid in the next elevator.
  • The group ascended to the bridge.
    • The bridge hosted several C-16 droids managing a large pod with several tubes leading to it.
  • The group fled the area, going toward the engineering section.
  • After scouting the area, the group noted several things.
    • The right (mostly destroyed) generator was converted to a makeshift hangar.
    • The left generator was used as a power supply, likely powering the ship.
    • The corridor from the bridge to engineering was quite long (extreme).
    • Many of the catwalks in engineering were mismanaged and full of gaps.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Sirra Lightcaster: Family
  • Experience: 10
  • Krassk: +1


Marcus’s POV

Journal entry #28

Well, were out in the wastes… again. I swear I’ve spent more time out in this junk then I have in civilization. The plan is for the most part to lay low, until hopefully, the heat for our little “terrorist attack” dies down. First things first however, C-17 and I are going to sneak back into town to get some needed supplies, as well as getting our hands on some gunjack to try to ween off the the feral Wookie.

Update 1: Well we’re on the way back to the Rush. After we made it back to Whirlport, We went straight to the Gilded Lily for the gunjack. The bartender pointed us toward some swoop gang for the drugs. For what seams like no reason, C-17 punched one of the thugs in the face. I have no clue what the point of that was. I managed to talk down the rest of the gang as the fight made its way outside. After the thug realized fist fighting a metallic droid was a mistake, he backed off. Thankfully the one C-17 assaulted wasn’t the leader. So we still managed to get the gunjack. I know C-17 isn’t a normal droid, he’s way to human for that. Which I guess sort of explains away his illogical behavior.

Update 2: God damn my legs hurt. I must have walked for 20 hours yesterday. When we FINALLY made it back to the drop ship, Krassk and the crew were doing some kind of mock up of Krassk’s screen play. I really didn’t care at that point though. I just wanted sleep.

First thing this morning, Jak and I had our first treatment of the feral Wookie. Everything seams to be going well.

Update 3: So we’re once again leaving for zone 4. C-17 talked to the crew just a bit ago about a droid facility out here in the scrap. I guess he’s found some clue’s about whatever is going on at this place. Droids are being stolen and refurbished in this there. As well as a transmitter found in the mono-task that he bought from his new rival at Mod Works Unlimited. Well, we might as well take care of this now. Not like Whirlport is viable place to be for the next little while anyway.

Update 4: The coordinates C-17 had may not have shown the exact location of this droid facility, but I can make a guess as to were it is. In the rough vicinity of his coordinates is a derelict star destroyer. It may not be the most low key place to hide a base, but I know I couldn’t pass that up.

Update 5: Okay, I’m writing this as fast as I can. We’ve snuck on board the destroyer and and have made it past multiple C-18s. Yeah, C-17 failed to mention that this place may be being run buy the Exalted. I’m getting chills that Fell may be around any corner. Were in a turbo lift heading towards the bridge now. What have gotten ourselves into?

Gold in a Sea of Scrap

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