Fringes of Space

Fleeing Fel's Flagship

A Exile's Meeting Cut Short

The Eye of Ashlanae

.After landing on the lost Jedi world of Ossus, traversing the ruins of Knossa spaceport, befriending the Ysanna, exploring the crystal caves, and solving the mysteries of the Chamber of Antiquities, the crew managed to find and discuss Barton Fel with the displaced Jedi master, Thorin Ziil atop the gold ziggurat known as the Eye of Ashlanae. Before leaving, the Kel Dor Jedi implored the group to tap into the mysterious vergence of the force known to allow the user to foresee the future as it is known to the force.

  • The crew joined Ziil atop the eye.
    • Marcus, Jak, and C-17 were able to use the vergence.
    • They were able to see a point in the future that they wanted.
    • Each image also showed an obstacle that could be used/thwarted to change/guarantee the shown scene
    • The crew also all saw an image of the Reborn Silencer descending through the clouds on a stormy desert planet…

Reborn Silencer Reappearance

As the group finished their use of the force vergence, Ziil left, claiming that, “we’ve run out of time.” As the crew descended the long staircase from the Eye, they saw the massive Reborn Silencer descend onto the planet, casing the lightning storms to become far worse.

  • The crew ran to their ship.
  • The Lightcaster 3000 was blocked off by over 50 combat-modified C-16s.
    • After a lengthy fight, the crew boarded the ship and began their vehicle escape.
  • The devastator managed to keep pace with the crew’s ship all the way into upper atmosphere.
    • Both the Vorn and Lightcaster 3000 were able to jump into hyperspace before being captured/destroyed.

Return to Saleucami

After the microjump out of the Cron Drift, the crew decided to go to Saleucami to get some supplies for a trip back to Myrkr. Seeing Fel’s power, Marcus wanted to find and exploit the source of Myrkr’s force suppression.

  • Marcus tracked down a liaison of the Car’Das (Jaque Chaplain)
    • Chaplain told him that his boss (Karrde) wanted to expand to a hidden base near there.
    • He would supply the trip to Myrkr and wanted a suitable base location in return.
    • Marcus proceeded to purchase a swath of survival and tracking equipment.
  • Krassk found a Pantoran smuggler (Westen) and bought/installed smuggling containers.
  • Jak learned that Manny Pardo wanted him to deliver some spice to a Tionese planet of Endregaad.
    • The planet was under blockade by the new Trayus corp due to the danger of the plague.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak-Phi: Oath
  • Experience: 12


Jak-Phi Archive we had a vision. I saw many forces battling, ground and air combat. i wasn’t able to distinguish whose side each force was on, but it looked grim with the Reborn Silencer coming down. i know now that we have to try to sway all forces available to join our cause to stop this horrible power and monstrosity. Fel is out of control and on the way to overthrow the empire himself i fear. Coming out of this vision we felt a extreme disturbance, and noticed the storms were worse and then we saw the reborn come down. we had no time, we sprinted down the steps and upon getting with sight of our ship, there was a battalion of droids ready for combat. We decided to tell master Zill to go ahead and prep the ship while we took care of the problem ahead of us. Seeing C-17 go far to right to flank around with marcus and Sierra to assist him, that left Krassk and I to lead the charge. I ignited my newly constructed lightsaber, as good as a time ever was to break it in. The droids noticed and seemed to want to focus on me, probably mad jealous of my shiny orange glow, little did they know, thats what i wanted. It let krassk run to cover while i took a barrage of blaster fire. I retaliated by throwing my lightsaber at them so i could take out the closest wave while i scrambled over the destroyed ground. Manged to curve it just right to take out 3 at once, including the leader, but i was to distracted to focus hard enough to bring it back. Krassk bravely ran up, blasting 2 away and threw me it back, which i ignited again to help distract from him. we continued through a total of 5 waves of these droids, with much lightning striking them, and i took a couple bolts to myself (self note, invest in an energy dispersion unit, that lightning left me weak in spirit). We got to the LC3K and boarded promptly, luckily master Zill had successfully gotten through them all and cleared the ship and prepped for take off. We blasted off with marcus in the pilots seat, i attempted my best to copilot him away, we saw Krassk take off with C-17 in the Vorn and broke us free of the inital tractor beam. We managed to get far enough to stay out of the tractor beam range, but not enough to pull away noticeibly, but we did get near atmo, so i quickly plotted our jump to get away, and managed to power burst the info to the vorn so they could follow.

We arrived at Saleucami finally, and i decided on instead of settling for a giant battle ax, ill just improve the newly constructed Befeller (decided to follow in tradition and name my lightsaber, not to many jedi out here anymore.) i spent most of my free time crafting as much armor as i could, preparing to at least gear anyone that will help our cause. i manged to create 72 pairs of light armor for my future allies.

Fleeing Fel's Flagship

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