Fringes of Space

"First" Flight

Aleen's Test of Sacrifice

The Outsider of Aleen

While the bulk of the crew is on their way to Dorin to speak to Tila Mong about the disappearance of Caston Mor, Jak-Phi chose to travel to Aleen on his own in an effort to explore it culture and find any signs of the Jedi.

  • Jak arrived on the brown, rocky surface of Aleen not far from a small village.
  • Traveled until greeted by the welcoming Aleena.
    • Introduced to High Priest and given the “outsider’s” tour.
    • Noted that the Aleena were suffering from an illness and several arbozoic trees were dying.
  • Shown murals depicting ancient strife with underground Kindalo.
  • Discovers that illness is caused by plague and was treated with a healing salve.
    • The healing agent is empty and is only able to be refilled via the depths of Aleen hidden by an ancient seal.
    • Underworld is known to be unbreathable and full of horrific guardian
  • Jak travels through the seal to be confronted by 3 Kindalo guardians
    • Convinces them that he should pass and continues on to next level.
  • Eventually finds himself in a vision of his past when his village was attacked by the Empire/Inquisitor.
    • As he was about to face his greatest challenge, but didn’t have the will to do it.
    • As fear took hold, the vision faded and he was alone in the cavern.
  • Traveled through to river. Faced with Riddle. Answered(river). Applyed water to a seal blocking the river.
  • Found a vial to contain a sample for himself and returned to the surface, confident that the river will heal the trees and halt the “plague”
    • Plague was toxic gases seeping through the dying trees.

A Meeting About Caston

The rest of the crew traveled to Dorin to meet Tila Mong at the behest of Vaneesh Chekka. Vaneesh owed Tila a favor and was supposed to repay it by getting Caston safe passage to Dorin. However, since he’s disappeared, Vaneesh had Krassk take his obligation to Tila to find Caston.

  • The crew, excluding Jak-Phi, landed on the dusty, dark planet of Dorin.
  • Marcus moved the crew’s supplies and looked around for any signs of rebel activity.
  • Krassk, Sirra, and C-17 went to Dor’Shan’s capitol building to meet Tila.
  • The 3 met Mong in her office and brought up Caston and Vaneesh by name.
  • Tila brought the group to a set of underground catacombs hidden near the building.
  • Her and 7 other Kel Dor adorned in robes told the group why they needed Caston.
    • They were a member of the Baran Do and Caston and his master were Jedi Exile.
    • They needed Caston’s master, Thorin Ziil, to tell the group what he found.
    • Ziil felt a great disturbance about 9 months ago and went to investigate.
    • Most recently left a star map with locations that he and his padawan would check out.
    • Baran Do cannot activate the map. Need a full force sensitive.
    • Finding Ziil is enough to repay the obligation. The group only needs Caston to find him, anyway.
  • The group took the Starmap and left Dorin.
  • As they left, they scanned the area for any possible rebel hideouts.
    • They only found some good spots to hide themselves should the need arise.

Profitable Privateers

Having a few days to kill before they need to escort a group of slavers to Kashyyyk, the group decided to pursue a bounty that Krassk discovered. The bounty detailed a Twi’Lek pirate and his crew that operated a YV-929 transport between Patitite Pattuna and Aleen. After retrieving Jak from Aleen, the group inspected the route.

  • The group pretended to be a helpless transport.
  • Once the ship was close, Krassk and C-17 launched their Y-Wing attack while Sirra, Jak, and Marcus were aboard the Wayfarer.
  • After a few rounds of fighting involving the pirate tractor beam and several volleys from both the pirates and the Y-wing, the group wasn’t looking so good.
    • Krassk, C-17, and ST-1G were dead in the water after several Ion attacks.
    • Having no offense, the remaining crew “surrendered” and prepared for boarders.
  • While the docked transport was cutting their way through, the Y-wing repaired its system damage.
    • It sent a concussion missile into the pirate vessel, killing the outer crew and severely damaging the ship.
  • After a few more minutes of fighting, the crew was finally rammed by Capain Sirra and sent into a system damaged tailspin.
  • The crew boarded the ship and found several dead crew and the captain repairing the damage.
  • 2 crew were found trying to board the wayfarer, but were apprehended by the crew.
  • The crew returned to Worlport on Ord Mantell and cashed in the bounty.
    • Krassk also fulfilled his promise to Teemo/Cleezo by delivering their ship and keeping the ion cannon.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak-Phi: Frontier Justice
  • Experience: 12
    • Jak-Phi: +3
    • Krassk: +1
    • C-17: +1


Jak-phi Archive. I’m learning that I was close to the location of Aleen, I recalled learning something of the planet not certain of what I recalled other than the standard information, I chose to pursue after this to learn what I can about the planet and what possible ties it had to the force.
Archive note, reached planet, touchdown, make contact with locals. Extreme lack of Technology idealistic culture revolves around worshipping a tree that seems to have a connection with the force. located a dish that felt that seem to have a force resesonaces that they claim to have that had magical healing powers but it’s long since dried up. I decided to partake in their rituals to prepare me to go under the ground to meet with their neighbors and discover the stoppage of the flow of the force. I meditated for long as I could to prepare myself for this adventure after hearing about this mystical Guardians of the Underground after the ceremony I entered under the gateway using the force to guide me through the darkness. Have having proceeded down a little while I had run into a couple of the creatures they were huge fearsome-looking, Twisted darkness. I stood my ground and prepared for whatever may come but tried to reason my way past not see any reason why I should confront and fight these creatures they saw the logic in my plan and let me proceed on to see why the force was being suppressed. I’m assuming they could feel it also these creatures might be Force sensitive after all will have to research later.
Archive note. Started to feel something sorry to hear a voice communicating with me I could feel it through the for speaking to me as if they were there beside me, I’ve heard of force ghosts but never known anyone to see or heard of one before unsure of how they worked I tried my best to communicate with her proceed at all the word following the force trail that I could have. Suddenly she mentioned putting me through the trial, the last trial I could think of would have been a Jedi trials being the last ones been done were over 20 years ago had I known. Suddenly there I was back on my planet young my father, it was the same day that I was gone up in the mountains meditating when they struck. I watched in horror as they came down the ship that rained fire down upon from it laying waste to any possible tall buildings in the village. It landed and outboard troops and one man in Black my father went up and tried to reason with him and then started fighting stormtroopers as he could but to no avail. I tried to move tried to scream try to run and dash to jump in and save a minute to strike down those black figure but I couldn’t move a muscle. suddenly it was like he knew and could feel me therefore he turned to me and just stared at me with this cold motionless mask on with a red glow from his lightsaber. He looked at me then proceeded to slay my father the last the villagers were shot down by the Stormtroopers then you proceeded to board a ship and leave. Having to relive this I heard the voice back in my head tell me I have failed their trial. I must become stronger, I must I must be able to fight any fear and be able to counter any Menace that may come up and defend as those that are near. I cannot stand by and be idle while evil happens and takes place upon innocent lives.
Archive note. The Voice got more silent as I went her voice no longer Comfort to me in the darkness as I walk through the winding tunnels that I felt the strength the forest getting stronger and I found it just water and ran into a Gateway that seem to be shut. I don’t know what could have shut it but for some reason it was closed. I noticed some runes all around it and I had to figure out this riddle in a river deciphering it says for a water wanted to see if I figured it it opened up and I could feel the force flowing out once again. Upon once the water flowed I felt a particular item felt like a vial but it felt like it had something special to it said to grab it hold and fill it with with the water to keep a bit of it with me to help me remember what I must do.
Archive note. As I was leaving the tunnel I ran into the one that greeted me at the entrance of this tunnel I spoke to him about the voice I heard and that I was done and that no conflict was needed at all he seemed to perk up when I mentioned her voice but I could cannot meet with their leader later to speak with him about her. Exit it outside of the tunnel and was greeted by the town folk same choice that they could feel the force once again flowing and that their trees were feeling alive and that their dish was filled again. I spoke with the realtor and he decided that they wanted to commemorate me up on their wall of memories that they passed down tales of I was put behind the last two droids over there that went into the tunnel I never did see any trace of any of them I’m sure these people will be happy now that there Force flows back to sustaining their Society. After another couple days of rest cross came down and took me back to the main ship and we left the planet.
Archive note. Who decided to take out the Pirates anyways images of pretty intense battle seeing how they were pretty well set up for this a few times I thought we were going to be dead in the water but krassk managed to pull out of missile and destroy a large trunk on the ship. Pirates didn’t want to talk or give answers I had to get a little rough with one but they haven’t ended up being worth the money I think for krask when we turn them in.

"First" Flight

Marcus POV
Journal entry #32

Before landing on Dorin I informed the crew about what I learned about Jak. After landing, Krassk and the others went to talk to a women called Tila. I however decided I’d try and find someone who was interested in picking up this cargo. It didn’t take too long to find someone interested. On a lightly populated planet like this mid grade units like this are pretty in demand. After that I had some time to kill. I wonder if a back water alien place like would have any rebel presence. Seams like an ideal place for one.

Update 1:
After a bit of sluething and coming up empty, Sirra Comm’d me informing me that their meeting was over and to regroup at the ship. She explained what the deal with Caston was all about. Tila, and her compatriots were members of a council known as Baran Do. They explained that Caston was an apprentice to Jedi Exile (ok, really? Is everyone in this galaxy a Jedi besides me?). They needed Caston to unlock a star map. Which is somehow locked waiting for a force sensitive to open it. The crew nominated our own force sensitive Jak to open it. He sure missed out, hopefully whatever was on Aleen was worth it.

Update 2:
As we prepped to leave Dorin, I proposed to Sirra that we should investigate some of the larger cave and cavern networks. If the rebels haven’t used this place for a base yet, then we’ll find a location for one.
It took a bit, but we did find a suitable location. This information will hopefully be useful to the Rebel Alliance. If they destroyed the Death Star and avenged my home world. Then I owe them a large debt.

Update 3:
After picking up Jak, Krassk began his plan for Aleen. A bounty on a Twi’lek led pirate crew. Running a valuable YV-929 transport. The plan is to disguise the Wayfarer’s only weapon under some camo netting, and pretend to be a helpless transport. Once they get close enough, we’d dispatch the Y-Wing, and between the two ships ion guns we’d disable the freighter and capture the enemy crew.

Update 4:
We suck at the whole space cowboy thing. I’m still here to write this so things went well enough I suppose. We underestimated the maneuverability of the freighter as well as the threat of its tractor beam. They didn’t buy our disabled ship bluff, and we had to launch the Y-Wing early. Before we even had a chance to line up the Wayfarer’s forward mounted gun, the Y-wing was caught in the tractor beam and disabled by the pirate’s ion weapons. Sirra feigned surrender and we posted up on the airlock. The pirates weren’t that stupid however. We could hear them moving around on the roof of the ship. They were going “Tin Can” us. Cut a hole in the hull and let the vacuum take care of us. We quickly dawned some space suites and prepared ourselves. We could see the hull begin to turn red as they cut their way through. To say that I was terrified was an understatement. As we watched, something unexpected happened. The area that was being cut turned bright red briefly followed buy a ship shacking shock wave. C-17 managed the get the Y wing back up and running and Krassk fire’d a rocket at the pirate ship. Heavily damaging it and more importantly, vaporizing the pirates cutting away at our hull. We ran back to our stations and just in time see the pirates making a B-line for the Y-Wing. Thankfully right in the sites of my ion cannon. I managed to land a few good hits, but I guess Sirra got impatient. As she gunned it and rammed the pirate’s ship. Just clipping it enough to throw it into an uncontrolled tail spin. Leaving it vulnerable for Krassk to disable it.

After a quick raid on the enemy ship, it seams that we killed most them when Krassk atomized the boarding crew, we captured the small remaining crew as well as the Captain. Alls well that ends well I guess, but until we upgrade both ships combat effectiveness I’ll be arguing against any more ship battles. We were all an inch from death, hopefully that fact was not lost on my comrades.
PS. Find a more elegant solution for using the M-38 in space, taping empty water bottles to my barrel to provide oxygen is a bit crap.

"First" Flight

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