Fringes of Space

First Contact

Selling out the Mandalorians

The Bloated Gundark

PCs did a quick search of their new ship. They discovered:

  • Ship was previously called the “Bloated Gundark” and was owned by someone named Mira Han
  • The ship had the advanced medical droid, B4-d4, stowed in a makeshift med-station in the cargo bay
  • empty metal boxes in cargo bay and 1 weeks worth of food
  • 1 escape pod, 1 docking ring, personal storage lockers
  • travel manifests for: Dantooine, Brigia, Orion IV, Turkana, Pakuuni, Alderaan, and Dac.

After 1 week of downtime, the PCs approached the Mandalore System

Mandalore Unchained

Before landing on Mandalore, the PCs landed on its moon, Concordia. While there, PCs checked for damage, trackers, etc.
Landing on Mandalore:

  • Escorted by Imperial TIE fighters. Implied imperial presence.
  • An intoxicated Stig remained on the ship with Dreke’s bounty while the rest of the group inspected Keldabe spaceport.
  • Stig is bribed by the bounty, who reveals he is a member of Death Watch and knows of the Mandalorian Protectors’ stronghold location (Kyrimorut).
  • After inspecting the area, the group meets back at their freighter. Everyone is furious.
  • Group threaten Stig (Krassk and Dreke especially). Stig says he only made 6000 cr. Imperial liaison featuring Dark Trooper body guards deliver 10000 cr to Stig in front of group.

Warning the Protectors

In an attempt to both make money and protect the Mandalorian resistance, Dreke went to Kyrimorut to warn the protectors without the bounty while Krassk, Marcus and C-17 procured a ride to help the Protectors and fulfill a planetary bounty on Cabur Dalsiey (Ex-Death Watch).

  • Dreke traveled to Kyrimorut and warned Fenn Shysa of the impending attack.
  • The Protectors started evacuating, asking for a freighter to help move supplies.
  • Goran Ordo informed the group about their Cabur Dalsiey.
  • Dreke’s bounty, Val Corden, returned to MandalMotors tower to resume his position as CEO of the company.
  • Stig implanted some cybernetics on himself
  • The group rented an X-34 landspeeder to assist Dreke in evacuating the stronghold. In doing so, they removed a tracking device from the vehicle.

Dark Troopers brought to Light

Following a few moments assisting the Protectors in evacuating the base, the group was ambushed by several members of Death Watch. After successfully lying to them about why they were there, the group was forced to come with them in their pursuit of the resistance members.

  • Travelling in a speeder full of people alongside another full speeder: the group witnessed two Imperial Dark Troopers laying waste to the fleeing protectors.
  • On their way to the abandoned dome-city, the group surprised the Death Watch commandos by:
    • dropping two frag grenades in their speeder
    • dropping an ion grenade in the other speeder
    • all jumping out and proceeding to attack the commandos.
  • This led to a fight involving 1 DW Henchman, 4 DW troopers, and 1 Dark Trooper (Phase II)

Following the battle, the group assisted and joined the Protectors in fleeing to the planet Concord Dawn. While there, Fenn Shysa employed the group to infiltrate MandalMotors and find out why the Dark Troopers are active in this system. After hitching a ride back to Mandalore, the group rested and pursued their other job to collect the bounty on Cabur Dalsiey.

During this bought of fighting, Stig remained on the ship. During his stay Stig:

  • Witnessed port authority log the ship
  • Witnessed port authority place a tracking code on the transponder.
  • Overwritten the name of the ship and owner to one of Stig’s choosing

Death Watch Bandits

Without any leads on how to enter the more restricted sections of the MandalMotors tower, the group decided to pursue their pending bounty and ride-along to catch him with hopes of using him to infiltrate the tower.

  • Before leaving, Krassk, Marcus, and C-17 collected some information before pursuing the bounty.
  • Dreke told Stig where the Protectors have fled to.
  • Stig spoke to Val Corden at MandalMotors, informing him about the Protectors and Concord Dawn. The CEO told him that if this was true, he was to receive the rest of his payment.
  • The next day:
    • Krassk, Marcus, and C-17 joined a convoy along a route that the Ex-Death Watch member was known for ambushing.
    • Stig and Dreke remained on the ship to provide fire support during the ambush.
    • Following a quick battle featuring Cabur Dalsiey and several DW bandits, the group collected the body.
  • The group returned to Keldabe. Port Authority was upset about the unscheduled flight.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Debt
  • Conflict & Morality:
    • Stig: -9
    • C-17: +4
    • Marcus:
    • Krassk: +6
    • Sirra:
    • Zabrak:
  • Experience: 15 XP (10 Stig)



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