Fringes of Space

Extracting the Bota

Leaving Drongar

Entering the Volcano

After learning that Cratala was responsible for Das’ inevitable death indirectly caused by the Bota cultists, the group captured Harsol, stowed Lylek on the ship, and planned on infiltrating the volcano to extract the Empire’s sought after bota plant.

  • The group, minus Dreke (manning the mech) and Sirra (comatose) deceived their way through the volcano gates.
  • Following multiple, suspicious checkpoints, the group attacks the Bota guards
  • The fight prompts Dreke to break down the gates, throwing the camp into a frenzy.
    • The cultists and normal survivors fight among eachother
  • The group eliminates the opposition leading into the fields of the cave
  • After frolicking in the flowers, C-17 alerts a large, scorpion-like creature guarding the plants
  • After dispatching the creature using the mech, the group fills two boxes of the alluring flower and leaves the volcano.
    • The flower had a foreboding effect on those who touched it, especially Marcus
  • Having swayed the camp to their side, Yav Yavik and his crew convinced Cratala and the survivors to follow them to the Wheel.
  • Cratala warned the group not to let the flower or planet location to slip into the wrong hands.

Leaving Drongar and Traveling to Pasmin

After leaving the planet, Marcus delivered the coordinates to Drongar, Dreke contacted his allies, C-17 contacted Felik on Pasmin, and Sirra awoke from her sleepy state. The group decided to visit the nearby planet of Pasmin at C-17’s request.

  • After days of travel and healing the group found a Black Market Trader ship out in the Tion Cluster.
    • The group trusted the trader’s broadcast, boarded, and proceeded to buy several illegal goods.
  • The group traveled to the smoggy planet of Pasmin and landed near Muas’ facility and the nearby, polluted lake.
    • C-17 met with Felik and infiltrated the facility. Dreke attempted to follow through a vent in the bottom of the facility.
    • Marcus, Sirra, Krassk, and Stig met with the local “organics,” a group of large, lizard-like creature capable of rudimentary speech (Lwhekk).
    • The creatures informed of a mine that potentially leads into the facility
  • The group inspected the black goo coming from the cave
    • There have been tales of Lwhekk being “infected” by this substance.

C-17 infiltrated the facility, now under control of several C-16s (all of whom are acting strange) who speak of The Exalted who will “show him the way.” While C-17 was rummaging through the research section of the facility, the rest of the group reached the entrance of the mines.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Bounty
  • Experience: 15



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