Fringes of Space

Exploring Ossus

The Search for Ziil

Meeting the Ysanna

Having defeated a small group of the primal, near-human assailants, the group was eager to continue their journey to find the the long-lost Jedi Master, Thorin Ziil, who ventured to Ossus to investigate a “disturbance in the force” a year earlier. Knowing that the Kel Dor Jedi would be nearby, the group decided to tend to their “prisoners” and find out if they knew of him.

  • The group calmed the tribesman and found out what they knew
    • They were known as the Ysanna and rode Kirruk beasts
    • They navigated the harsh terrain using storm shepherds (their clerical figures)
    • They had a large camp beyond the wastes.
    • While going to the temple, they said that there was a small outpost of Ysanna warriors.
    • They were willing to guide them through Knossa’s ruins to the Old LIbrary.
  • The two Ysanna led the group through the ruins
  • Eventually, they arrived at the Great Jedi Library.
  • As the approached, they were aggressively halted by the temple’s guardians
    • The two Ysanna brokered a truce with them, revealing their storm shepherd.
  • The shepherd, speaking broken Basic, invited them in upon hearing the name: Ziil.

The Great Jedi Library

The library was one of the few buildings that withstood the Cron supernova. This gold temple is three stories and houses 4 distinct pillars from different eras. The oldest pillar appears to be pre-republic. The group’s storm shepherd guide showed them Ziil’s old camp on the roof of the building.

  • The camp held several different things, Ziil not included:
    • A Delta-12 Aethersprite covered in camouflage netting.
    • Several used survival supplies.
    • Old notes revealing that he had sent Caston to find the Baran Do Sages a year earlier.
    • Some notes saying that he was to study the Vergence at the Eye of Ashlanae.
  • After some (soul) searching, the group found that the vergence was shrouded by a nearby mountain peak.
  • The group was able to negotiate to have the shepherd guide them to the vergence.
  • In the meantime, they were invited to explore the temple
  • The basement held an arboretum with many vines and a twisted tree in the center.
    • This was known as the Gardens of T’alla
    • T’alla was a Neti Jedi who planted herself in the center of the garden
    • After some searching, the group found an overgrown turbolift to a hidden chamber below.

Antiquities of the Ancients

The turbolift opened into a dark, dusty shaft. After descending down, the group determined that the lower level was called the Chamber of Antiquities and could possibly hold several old artifact of the Jedi. In the main chamber held a set of Draethos bones in a set of Jedi Master robes among a stack of old, rotting datacards. Eager to find something, the crew braved the dark tomb.

  • The group would later discover that the bones belonged to Master Odan-Urr, the caretaker.
  • The group went through several winding halls until they approached a doorway.
    • Once they were all in the room, they were ambushed by 4 ancient stone guardians.
    • The guardians appeared to be featureless depictions of jedi trainers.
  • Once the guardians were defeated, the group studied their remnants.
    • They could be deactivated by Move force power (switch under armor)
    • They were a metal droid frame underneath calcified stone armor.
    • They were capable of tracking even in the extreme darkness.
  • The group contined, finding themselves at a crossroads:
    • C-17 and Krassk went forward to a room with 3 ancient tapestries and a wall to mount them.
    • Jak and Sirra found a caved-in library with datacard full of information
    • Marcus found a training center with a broken holocron guarded by 8 more guardians.
  • Jak and Sirra found an ancient starchart before they returned to assist Marcus
  • Krassk and C-17 discovered that the tapestries could link together
  • Marcus attempted to steal the holocron while remaining hidden despite the lack of concealment.
    • After alerting the droids, the group came together to get the holocron.
    • After a lengthy fight with the 6 droids, the crew managed to get the device
    • There was also the 4th and final tapestry in the training room.
  • The group returned to the tapestry room to unlock a mystery.
    • Each tapestry had a image depicting the Jedi code
    • When in order and mounted on the wall, a faint click could be heard.
    • Master Odan-Urr’s favored school of thought was knowledge.
    • The tapestry featuring the children (no ignorance, only knowledge) resembled the room they were in.
  • After a hour of trials and tribulations, the group managed to find the switch the children were looking at in the knowledge tapestry after aligning them with the Jedi code.
  • The group found a vault containing Neer’s Gauntlet.

Thorin Ziil’s Campsite

After resting at the Great Jedi Library, the group was escorted to the edge of the Eocho mountains to get to the temple known as the Eye of Ashlanae. After about 20 minutes travel, the group found themselves at the foot of a massive, gold staircase leading to a similar ziggurat to the library from which they came. Some time later, the group ascended the steps, finding themselves in front of the ancient vergence.

  • The group was greeted by the young Kel Dor Jedi.
  • He wasn’t surprised by their presence, saying he was expecting them.
  • He told the group everything that he knew:
    • He felt a disturbance in the force a year earlier
    • Investigated several vergences of the force with the aid of the Baran Do Sages and his padawan, Caston Mor.
    • Found a vergence in Malachor V, feeling a wound in the force.
    • Found Fel’s old data terminal from thousands of years earlier, showing an interest in Dromund Kaas and Ossus
    • Traveled to both, Kaas revealing a to-be-unearthed World Devastator.
    • Went to Ossus, finding that the planet was covered in strong vergences of the force.
    • Used the Eye of Ashlanae to briefly gaze on Visions of the Future.
    • Sent Caston Mor to alert the Baran Do and use their assassin connections to stop him
  • He told the group that he has been “following” Fel using the visions.

Ziil has determined that Barton Fel is using his leadership skills to ally himself with every power-hungry major player in the galaxy. Fel claims to be the “One Sith,” a Sith leader that rules over many subordinate force-users, but he needs more force users to be a true threat to the galaxy. He plans on “converting” several slaves using a wound in the force.

The only way a wound in the force can be created is by a massive loss of life in a concentrated area. Malachor V was this, but has grown weak with time. Fel believes he can do this by manipulating the post-Alderaan hysteria and the Reporn Silencer found on Dromund Kaas. There may also be another world devastator in the galaxy, and Fel likely knows of it.

  • Now that Fel is so powerful, Ziil wants to stop Fel himself.
    • stop his wealth/power acquisition
    • get support from any faction that will help him (Rebels, Empire, criminals, Brigians, etc)
    • deal with the Fel’s major allies one at a time (find out who they are first)
  • Ziil wanted to come with the group, offering his assistance as a mentor.
    • He also implored that they explore the crystal caves for Mephite crystals.
  • Before leaving, Ziil offered the group to “use” the Eye of Ashlanae.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • none
  • Experience: 5


jak-phi archives: marcus revived the ysanna slowly and using an intense amount of mimicry and charades managed to somewhat attempt to communicate with it, i just felt through the force that it had calmed and no longer viewed us as a threat. we followed him to path that lead to the remains of the great jedi temple of ossus. they felt hostile at first and seemed upset with me for using my power to locate the place, but we nudged their boi to the front and he seemed to vouch for us, getting us in. we met with some sorta seer and he a basic understanding of basic, allowing us to finally have someone to speak with. upon the roof we found what to be jedi master zills d-12 skyspite. marcus decided to foolishly go touching things and almost got struck by lightning. we went back inside and i feeling a pull in the force towards something outside the temple, but staved off the thought while i kept searching the library for more knowledge that may have been left behind. krassk started talking to the ysanna and then beckoned us all to follow him, leading us into a room overgrown with a tree and all sorts of plant life. it was truly serene and wonderful place to meditate in. but krassk had another idea and decided to pull out his blood dried hand grinder and started at the roots in a corner. after some time desecrating the tree that someone gave their life to create, turns out he had found a old lift, we descended and i recognized the entrance as the chamber of antiquities that Master Odan-Urr used to tend to, i believed to have found his robes, storing them to honor him in short time. Marcus decided to run ahead, and got flayed out by the still functional guardians of the temple. we handled them and proceeded on into a split where marcus once again ran off by himself not having learned anything while the rest of us split into groups. sierra and i located the library where i packed in what i could to study and research while sierra found another star chart, which we opened up and found it just lead back to brigia (which i remember was uncharted at the time of the founding of the temple). we all heard marcus crying out for help through the comms again as we heard a gunshot.

Wonder how foolish this human could be having a death wish, no wonder he wanted me to be his bodyguard. most of the time people don’t go off tryin to get themselves killed.

we entered to see him standing over 1 dead machine, and exclaiming about 7 others hiding behind the door way flanking it. he pointed out a holocron , to which he then shot a grapple shot and landed it. one of the machina’s came around and smashed his big dumb ugly pale fleshy face in. i grabbed the cable, yanked it in and grabbed the holocron to secure it, and threw marcus’s now bloodied and useless body back towards safety and prepared to combat. luckily krassk and gary held one off. the first to step up knocked my shield out of my hands, and i noticed sierra had a ancient sword she grabbed hoping to sell, i grabbed it and went with both barrels upon them. While i defeated 3 around me while marcus kept crying out for help, keeping sierra safe and our droid went crazy punching. after the battle, i walked over and saw that marcus still was freaking out. he looked blinded by the way his goggles were now submerged into his face. i pulled them out with care and applied proper fluids to help regenerate some of his missing face. maybe he learned his lesson about running off on his own now that he got an even harsher lesson. we returned to the room the others were in and found a few hangings that we figured out had an order, i recognized the order as being in that of the jedi code, they remained lit but we were unaware of any oblivious effect until c-17 found a button and opened a door leading us to another door, which we managed to get through and i found an old relic, putting that away to remain secure, we went back to the regular floors to have a restful night after a trying day.

having sought out master zill in the force, we managed our way to the mountain, climbing the many steps up. as i jogged up i swore i could hear a chanting and slight music in the air. must of been the thunder far off. reaching the top, Zill stepped out out greeting us saying that he was waiting for our arrival. we discussed his ship, plans and a bit of some lost comrades i guess the crew had had kidnapped from their own ship. zill was ready to go, but encouraged me to go to the crystal caves i had been feeling a draw to, before we meditated and left the planet.

We transverse without issue, and in the cave, i climb up to the spot of most intense surging, upon getting up the rock wall, i was confront and rushed by a shadow figure, which i quickly struck down before it got me. marcus kept asking if i was ok, i only pulled my shoulder a lil bit drawing and swinging that quickly. i located a particular kyber crystal that caught my eye and gathered it, hearing that krassk was interested in protection, i gathered one for him to use however he sees fit. sierra seemed depressed that the kyber crystals in this cave were of no use in fancy expensive materialistic jewelry that she fawned over. There is no passion, only serenity. we journeyed back to zill to meditate once before departing Ossus.

Exploring Ossus

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