Fringes of Space


A City on the Brink of Rebellion

Walker Brigia Ranger

Following an unexpected crash landing, the five galactic adventurers managed the dangers of the newly-terraformed jungle and repaired the AT-EST. The recently rescued Tendo Habat and Lufta Kene, two researchers that survived a Tusk Cat ambush after their walker broke down, pointed out that there are two blips on the walker’s scanners that weren’t there a week ago.


Crash Landing Survivors

Once the group came to a decision, they set coarse for the nearest blip. A few hours pass, allowing the group to come across another escape pod. The crew of the escape pod consisted of a mechanic, the bartender, and an apparent diplomat who escaped the destruction of Ryckert Station.

The adventurers, seeing that the crash landees wouldn’t last by themselves, offered the three a ride to the nearest city. Having just awoken from an extremely rough landing, the trio decided to take the adventurer’s offer. Once all aboard, the group set off for the next radar signal.

Freighter Scavengers

As the group approached the next blip on the radar, the walker came across a break in the dense jungle. The break appeared to be a crater containing the wreckage of Krassk’s freighter. In addition to the burnt remains, Marcus noticed several people wielding equipment atop the wreckage.

Seeing the group, an enraged Krassk and Saladdik stormed after the people. Upon arrival, it was clear that the group were scavengers based on the type of equipment that they were using. After threatening the scavengers with violence, they fled, unsure if the ship actually belonged to Krassk in the first place.

A quick search of the freighter revealed no useful salvage and the body of Krassk’s bounty. Having driven the scavengers off, the group set coarse for the city.

Venka Daraay: Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire

Following a day and a half of travel through the dense jungle, the group crossed the path of a group of hunters. The leader of the group, annoyed by the sound caused by the walker, introduced himself as Venka Daraay, an ex-bounty hunter human hunter in search of the hostile Grunda. However, once he saw Saladdik, he became far more personable.

The hunter, his three man crew, and droid companion explained that their true prize was a silverback wookie and that they had spent countless hours and resources tracking down. Coincidentally, the hunter had been tracking Saladdik specifically, revealing that he has captured Grapporin and Katykam.

Following a heated negotiation resulting in an enraged Saladdik striking down Krassk, Venka and the Trandoshan setteld upon 12,500 credits for the “ownership” of the wookie. However, Venka was not willing to directly give credits and offered his droid companion, F-12k, as collateral. Once Krassk was healed and Saladdik was tranquilized, the group continued toward the city without their wookie companion.

Exploring the City of Doria

Entering the City

The group continued toward the city’s radar signature until they approached the edge of the jungle. The city appeared to have up to two kilometers of barren, desert terrain surrounding the 100 meter-tall walls. Upon reaching the force gate, one of two ways to pass the walls, the group was stopped by two guards wearing CSA uniforms. Both guards, acting fairly suspiciously, demanded a 100 credit entrance fee. Rather than pay, the group traveled to the further mechanical gate to see if this was normal. The group would successfully enter the city and come to realize that the “guards” were criminals known as Linon Drena and Javal Drena.

Once the crew entered the city, they scoured the area for any places of interest and dropped Tendo Habat and Lufta Kene off at the spaceport. Grateful for their rescue, Kene allowed the group to keep the AT-EST and Habat promised compensation courtesy of the Brigian Restoration Effort.

Valo’s Shop

In need of a place to store the AT-EST, Stig brought the walker over to the local garage while Krassk and Marcus would go to the medical facilities and C-17 and Sirah would shop around at the market.

Stig would end up meeting Valo Nasirii, a toydarian mechanic and owner of the garage. Having no money, Stig offered his services in exchange for repairs on the walker. Stig and the group left F-12k in the walker, unattended.

Nasirii would eventually meet C-17 and react with joy as he hasn’t seen a C4SSE-line droid in over 20 years. After noting some odd behavior, Nasirii asked the droid to perform an empathy test, to which C-17 complied. Once the test was administered, the toydarian remarked that C-17’s intelligence was far beyond any droid that has deemed to be sentient.

Dorian Shenanigans

Once everyone was healed and the walker was dropped off, the group tried to relax in the local cantina. Without any way to get off the planet, the group looked to earn some money while the blockade is still in effect. Before heading to the Brigian Security Outpost, the group:

  • Collected their promised payment from Tendo Habat.
  • Learned that F-12k walked out of Valo’s shop.
  • Got an idea where the Waterfront Black Market was located.
  • Convinced Valo to repair their walker.
  • Track their would-be swindlers into the squalid district.
  • Got an Stormtrooper’s recommendation for future Embassy dealings.
  • Chatted up various people in Tyvark’s Cantina.
  • Got a vague idea to when Venka Daraay would be back in town.

The group headed to the security station and procured some information on the bounty for Linon and Javal Drena. Having collected the info, the group headed into the squalid district to track them down.

Bounty on the Drenas

Asking around the Squalid District

As day became evening and the Brigian sun set, the five galactic adventurers went into the squalid district with the intentions of tracking down, apprehending, and turning in Linon and Javal Drena. Asking around the narrow, winding streets of the run-down section of Doria revealed that the Drena brothers are celebrated among the poor; implying that they have given back to the community.

After being robbed by children and running out of leads, the group went to the nearest bar found in a cellar/basement-like building. The cantina that they chose appeared to be a comedy club that was packed full of people taking advantage of the open mic. Choosing not to take advantage of the open mic, the group found a table in the packed cellar and eavesdropped on any conversation that they could.

The group overheard two shady looking people talking about meeting the Drenas by the waterfront. Unfortunately, the two noticed that they were being listened to and quickly left the building; the group followed suit. While chasing after the two in the city streets, the group literally ran into a large group of thugs who had a vague idea of what the crew was up to. The group decided to attack all eight of them, coming out unscathed killing all but one.

The group quickly found the trail left behind by the two runners and proceeded to the waterfront.

Dockyard Brawl

The group decided to split up having Krassk follow the direct path of the two runners, while the rest of the group used a shortcut to the dockyard. Upon arrival, the group found the Drena brothers waiting at the foot of the dockyard while the two runners could be seen coming several meters away.

As the runners approached, the hidden Marcus would shoot one of them, while C-17 and Stig would drop onto the Drenas for an ambush. While Stig succeded in pouncing Javal and causing him to fall into the harbor, C-17 would end up missing his target, giving him some time to try to run away. Marcus, having killed one of the informants, jumped into the harbor to pursue Javal along with Krassk, who had just bound the remaining informant. With those two pursuing Javal through the sewers, C-17, Stig, and Sirra would chase the Linon through the city streets.

Street and Sewer Pusuit

After a lengthy chase involving swimming through drainage ditches, running through an underground club, scaling the shanty-styled rooftops, and a short-lived speederbike chase, the group managed to apprehend the Drena brothers and decided to release the once-bound runner.

The group brought the two to the Brigian Security Station and collected their hefty reward (2500 cr) despite knowing that they would invariably escape using their CSA ties.

Meeting the Rebels and Empire

The Flophouse

Tired and wanting to rest, the group was desperate to find the cheapest place to stay for the night. After Sirra tried her luck at the Grand Hotel in the rich district, the group decided to stay at the Flophouse, a motel-like set of rooms that was ran by the empire to house Imperial troops during the incursion.

The next day, the group would use their newfound fame and their contacts, Valo Nasirii and the Stormtrooper Kenth Pavan, to set up meetings with the Brigian Rebels and the Empire for further work.

Illegal Arms

Having a couple of hours to kill before the Imperial meeting, the group went to the Industrial District to buy some illegal goods. Behind the counter of a Tenloss Corporation warehouse sat Borin Nolusk and CS-G0 Information & Illegal Technology Specialist. The group successfully proved that they were to be trusted allowing them to accrue some better weaponry.

Imperial Legwork

The group, coming to the embassy for their meeting, walked a few doors down from the reception area entering a room featuring nothing except guards and a holographic display. Moments later, a dismissive Imperial officer, Moff Maxemillian Tempkin, would appear sitting in a chair thumbing through a datapad.

He noted the group’s reputation and decided to employ them and their walker to travel to the mines in the North-East to deliver a shipment promising that the group would be reasonably compensated.

Brigian Spying

After their Imperial meeting, the group decided to see what the Brigian Rebels wanted of them. Nasirii told them to meet the Rebels in the basement of Tyvark’s Cantina.

The group would meet Governor Mayj Tevv and Garo Desyk in the large, dark basement. Mayj Tevv, a face that the group recognized from the graffiti-laden banners strewn around town, informed the group that the Empire had forcibly taken over the mines to the North-East and that they wanted the adventurers to stealthily travel there and spy on them.

Having got two jobs to go to the mines, the group decided to travel there, knowing that it would take 1-2 days to get there even going the AT-EST’s maximum speed.

Complications at the Mines

After about 36 hours of pushing through the jungle, treating prior wounds, and resting, the walker cleared the jungle and approached the mines shrouded by desert mountains.

Strange Behavior

After wandering for a few kilometers trying to find a way across the river to the facility, the group’s walker approached a gated checkpoint guarding two bridges. The “guards” unaware of the communication-block stated that they weren’t notified of any shipment and invided some of the crew to wait at the checkpoint building. Stig and C-17 would leave the walker to get clearance to the building and repair the control tower terminal, Krassk and Sirra would remain on the AT-EST, and Marcus went to the nearest footbridge to spy on the Imperials.

Stig, C-17, and Marcus would all notice some very unorthodox behavior noting strange sounds coming from the checkpoint building, the damaged console covered in traces of blood, and shadowy figures ordering mining droids to move crates loaded with weaponry. Suspicious, Stig rescued a bound imperial officer, killed the impostor, and alerted the rest of the team while C-17 blew away his impostor and jacked into the newly-repaired control terminal.

A Race against the Clock

The base was at full alert, provoking the droid controllers and their minions to attack the group. The rescued officer told the group that all of the mining droids in the mines have been rounded up, equipped, and were being brought up from a strip-mining hole via 6 cranes. He told them that they only had a few minutes (10 turns) before the droids would resurface. Knowing this, the group jumped into action, splitting the party into three groups:

  1. Krassk and Marcus on the ground.
  2. Stig and Sirra on the AT-EST.
  3. C-17 on the control terminal.

This lengthy battle involved Stig destroying several cranes with the walker, Krassk freeing stormtroopers and securing a AT-CT, C-17 providing support from the terminal and taking over a turbolaser tower, Marcus defending the walker and taking down the rival hacker troubling C-17, and Sirra providing support from inside the walker.

In the end, the group managed to take down 5 of the cranes just as the droids were about to surface, sending them to their destruction at the bottom of the pit.


Once the final crane was destroyed, all droids were shutdown and any remaining droid controllers fled the scene through the mining tunnels in several speeders. The group freed any remaining workers and troopers allowing them to free the rest of the people in the facility.

Having stolen some of the Imperial’s goods, the group dropped off the shipment, searched the droid controllers and hacker, and ensured that the Imperial officer would credit them for the rescue and shipment.

The group prepared to leave the facility having successfully completed their tasks for both the Empire and the Brigian Rebels.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • 1st Half: Saladdik (Bounty)
    • 2nd Half: Stig (Debt)
  • Experience: 20 XP


only 2 people stole goods from the imperial forces! some of us are innocent.


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