Fringes of Space

Decibel's Transmission Tower

Hiding in Worlport

The Lone Tower

The crew were currently in the bowels of a ruined star destroyer in the most dangerous section of Ord Mantell’s scraplands at the request of C-17 in an effort to suss out the source of his rival’s droids. After some time scouting out the inside of the ship and monitoring a slew of C-18 droids infusing dozens of civilian droids with the mysterious M.E.L.D., the crew was about to “go loud” and remove the hostile droids from the ship in an attempt to pillage it for it loot and, more importantly, what they were doing there.

  • Krassk, C-17, Marcus, and Jak-phi were about to ambush the droids guarding the power generator.
  • After a lengthy battle, the crew split up.
    • C-17 and Krassk chased after a lone survivor through an old coolant line.
    • Marcus and Jak dealt with any reinforcements and shut down the power.

Dealing with Decibel

Once the power was down, Krassk and C-17 went back to the bridge only to discover the heavily modified Gank that pursued them on Brigia outfitting himself with combat cybernetics. The two spoke with him, revealing that his name was Decibel and he was only really interested in analyzing C-17, constantly pointing to both his head and his Cyberjack gauntlet. Rather than continue the conversation, the two ambushed him.

  • Krassk and C-17 fought the cyberneticist while Jak was on his way to help.
  • Marcus ran to the retrofitted hangar section to monitor the droids’ ship.
    • Noting that they were about to leave in the ship, Marcus attempted to damage one of its weapons.
  • After a quick fight between Krassk, C-17, Jak, and Decibel, Decibel was nearly defeated.
    • Recognizing this, he took a chance and dove out the window.
    • The dropship from earlier came not long after and scooped up Decibel.
  • After the ship took off, the crew noted that most of the droids have been evacuated and decided to loot the ship.
    • Krassk found a pile of cybernetics.
    • C-17 found a vat of MELD and some information as to what the facility was.
    • Jak discovered a blurb on Ilum, noting the Star Destroyer’s original goal/purpose.
    • Marcus found some information on the facility and some misc supplies.
  • After some time looting the ship, the crew noted some possible reinforcements approaching and quickly left.

Letting the Heat Die Down

After a somewhat uneventful 4 day trip, the crew arrived in Worlport teeming with gear, equipment, and information from Decibel’s transmission tower. The crew eventually pieced together that the tower was used to control droids and possibly organics when connected to Decibel’s now-ruined control pod over long distances using the Star Destroyer’s comm array. It was apparent that MELD was important, but the crew doesn’t know why.

  • C-17 scoured his and Marcus’ info.
    • He learned the MELD’s possible uses and that Decibel had a growing interest in Dr. Paula Small.
    • He remembers Dr. Small from some holovids on Pasmin.
  • Krassk returned to Teemo the Hutt to see if there was any fallout from his wookie rescue.
    • Teemo revealed that he payed to have the information confiscated.
    • Teemo sold the info to someone named Roarke to cover his losses.
    • Teemo was pressured to give the recordings to Cleezo.
    • Cleezo wants to meet with Krad/Krassk to discuss the event.
    • Teemo offered the remaining wookies for 10000 cr worth of favors each.
  • Marcus moved all of the supplies from the trip.
    • Along the way, he noted that they were kicked out the Nek’s apartment.
    • He also learned that Aron Horne, the inquisitor, has returned to Worlport and has been seen asking for him.
  • Jak borrowed C-17’s facilities to craft some armor and equipment.
  • The 5 wookies determined that 3 wanted to go home, 1 was an outcast, and 1 was interested in Everybody Loves Krassk.
  • Sirra sent a message to Colin Ferrel.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak-Phi Niko: Frontier Justice
  • Experience: 23
    • C-17: +3
    • Krassk: +1
    • Jak-Phi: +1


Marcus’s POV

Journal entry #29

Well that wasn’t what I was expecting. Starting out from where I had left off. Once we reached the bridge, We discovered multiple C16’s working at the various terminals, as well as C18’s guarding the central view port. Upon which was some kind of pod, seeing it immediately gave me chills, reminding me of when we freed Barten Fell. Looking closer we saw tubes coming from the ceiling into the pod.

We elected to not engage, but rather slip out to the rear portion of the upper level. After fallowing a long corridor we came to a split, leading to the shield generators. Investigating the right path. we found that the shield generator had been turned into a retrofitted open air hanger. With entirely too many C18’s on guard. Not being suicidal, we went back and inspected the right path; Paydirt. The Exalted are drawing power from the inactive shield generator. Krassk thought he’d be sneaky and try to eliminate the C18’s quietly with his Sword. With the “utmost” confidence in him, I elected to stay near the door, and provide cover fire if he got got. Which of course he did. Still we managed to destroy almost of them, with the exception of one that slipped into a coolant tube. Which Krassk, being Krassk, decided to dive in after.

In the meantime Jak I disabled the power Generator. I heard more droids coming down the hallway. So I tried to hide the downed droids and draw them towards the generator. We hid them well enough, but when we hid, C-17 went into the tube after Krassk; thanks bud. Gotta say though, my shooting is on point today. After luring the C-16 reinforcements in I managed to kill all of them before Jak got close enough to take a swing.

After dealing with them, we heard a ruckus coming from the bridge, Krassk. Jak and I started heading back. When we got to the fork that lead back to the bridge, I told Jak to keep going, I’d check out the Exalted’s Ship. Which wasn’t entirely true. Of course, I wanted to make sure that the Exalted didn’t have air support, But honestly I just didn’t want run the risk of Barten Fell being in there.

The ship did look like it was preparing to take off, I knew that I couldn’t do anything to to stop it from lifting off. I did notice that the forward mounted gun was damaged. Seeing little else I could do against a ship this size, I did what I could to destroy the gun at least. As it it left, I could tell it was swinging around the front of the bridge. Well time to nut up or shut up.

By the time I reached the bridge the fighting was already over. I entered just in time to see what look like a Gank bail out the window; Fun. Krassk, seemingly enraged, began firing rockets down onto the ship as it picked up the battered Gank. After it left we looted the area. I did what I could to investigate the info stored in the terminals. If the C—18’s are here they may have some info on Barten Fell or Garo Dessek. No such luck. I did find info regarding the reason the C-18’s were here. Better to give this C17.
Were on the way out now. Good riddance.

Update #1: Holy shit B4D4’s here. I can’t believe it. On the way out we were looting a side storage room and came upon a pile of droids cast aside . Among them was our missing comrade B4D4. The damn C-18’s must have Meld’d him and captured Caston.

Update #2: Unfortunately, B4’s recollection of the event is spotty. We searched his memory bank’s but all we could find was that the c-18’s took him somewhere. Damn.

Update #3 So, while we were gone Nek’s lease ended and we’re all homeless. Great.

Update #4 Mother Fucker. While looking for a new place to crash, one of the shop keepers, said he recognized me. Aaron must’ve made it back to town, and is looking for me. Again,… great. Just great.

Decibel's Transmission Tower

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