Fringes of Space

Cruising the Hydian Way

Murky Alderaanians

Peaceful Alderaan

Following the PC’s daring rescue of Stig from the security station aboard the Kuat Drive Yards orbital dockyard, Marcus convinced the group to travel to Alderaan to see if the Empire kept their promise regarding the family business. Once the group landed in the capital city of Aldera, they split up:

  • Marcus and Stig went across town to find Mama and Papa Gagarin.
    • They discovered an empty house with signs that they have been recently moved to a smaller home.
    • Papa Gagarin revealed that he has been indicted for conspiring with the rebellion.
    • Mama and Papa want to find a better place to live and start over.
  • C-17 purchases a massive (Silhouette 4) radar dish capable of transmitting data across vast distances.
    • He affixes it to the ship
  • Krassk researches an ideal place to find a pet that he wants.
    • He finds data referring to Myrkr, home of the Vornskr and prepares for a forested adventure to get one.
  • Stig attempts to repair the ship, but has no parts to do so.
  • Sirra sulks in a bar, listening to rumors.
    • Hears about the recent prison break and terrorist attacks on Kuat.

No Place Like Home

Reunited with Mama, Papa, and Louise Gagarin, Marcus convinces them to travel with him on their ship. He tells them that he set up a living situation with Colin Ferrel of the Alliance on Ord Mantell. The group met up and helped the Gagarin’s move their belongings to the ship. Afterwards…

  • Krassk convinced the crew to travel to Myrkr on the way to Ord Mantell to retrieve some creatures for a price.
    • Offers to pay the ship fund for the diversion.
  • Mama Gagarin makes Quiche, Souffle, and Cookies while on the ship.
  • Louise Gagarin and Sirra sulk together while drinking.
  • Papa Gagarin paces around and chats up Aneen, their Mon Calamari.
  • The group comes across a refueling station.
    • Everyone gets out and stretches their legs.
    • Sirra convinces a guard not to log the ship.
    • Stig remains on the ship due to his alarmingly large bounty.
  • The group comes across a black box floating a small debris field
    • Watched the last 5 minutes: A tractor-beamed ship eventually jumping into hyperspace, theoretically ripping it to pieces.
  • The group approached the Myrkr system.

Pack Tactics

Once on the heavily forested planet of Myrkr, the group left the ship to find what can only be described as evil-dog-things.

  • Sirra remained on the ship and sulked with the crew.
  • Krassk, C-17, Stig, and Marcus all ventured out into the hilly forests of Myrkr.
  • Stig noted his reduced connection to the Force when in/around the trees.
  • Once the crew approached a clearing, they found several of these creatures skulking in the tall grass.
    • The group followed them only to eventually lose them in the clearing.
  • Krassk set up his Portable Electric Perimeter Fence as a base.
    • Marcus and Krassk attempted to track the Vornskr pack while Stig and C-17 remained in the perimeter.
  • Stig and C-17 were eventually ambushed by 3 Vornskr
    • They only attempted to target Stig
  • Marcus and Krassk set up an ambush
    • Marcus ran back to help C-17 and Stig.
    • Krassk eventually trapped one adult Vornskr.
  • After defeating the pack(using only stun), the group tracked the remaining Vornskr back to a den.
    • The group stunned the pack guarding it and captured two young Vornskr.
  • Upon returning to the ship, Stig’s senses were cleared.
  • The group left Myrkr and continued to Ord Mantell.

Along the way to Ord Mantell, the group came across an HT-2200 bulk freighter. Once the freighter began scanning the ship, the crew quickly jumped into hyperspace. Just before they reached the turnoff to the Celanon Spur, the ship came out of hyperspace right next to an Imperial checkpoint hailing the ship.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Favor (13)
  • Experience: 15
    • C-17: +2
    • Krassk +2



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