Fringes of Space

Corporate Secrets


Mantellian Scavenger Redemption

Following the large battle in the scraplands while on their way to extract the mysterious source of the irradiated zone, the PCs were licking their wounds and preparing for any backup from the Car’Das mercenaries. The group’s new members, Crix, Myn, and Hysio, assisted in the preparations.

  • After hiding their gear, the mercenaries scanned the area and left.
    • Crix noted the odd behavior in the Car’Das scouts.
  • The crew returned to Worlport, with the speeder truck and captured troop transport after 6 uneventful days.
    • The transport was parked in a hidden garage courtesy of Teemo’s liason, Faarl(+3obligation).
  • Once the crew landed, the Marcus and Krassk returned the rental truck to Morteos.
    • Morteos revealed that he was assaulted by the Car’Das and was forced to reveal their identities(Krassk and Marcus only).
  • The scraphaul was kept in the storage unit in the industrial district and C-17’s shop.
  • During the trip, C-17’s shop was broken into by 3 Aqualish thugs.
    • The security droid dealt with the thugs, killing 2 and capturing 1.

Worlport Wanderers

After returning to the spaceport without Vaneesh Chekka’s source of radiation among them, the crew decided to spend several days recuperating from their adventure in the scraplands.

  • Marcus and Krassk moved the rifles to C-17’s garage and removed their identifying marks.
    • The two then sold their large collection of blaster rifles and vibroknives.
  • Stig completely disassembled Nek’s stolen Cloakshape fighter and sold the ion engine to a starport patron.
    • The rest was taken to C-17’s recycler and broken down to components.
  • C-17 dealt with his intruder by intimidating him and forcing him to wear a sign advertising the shop.
    • The 2 other bodies were buried outback.
  • C-17 got busy taking care of his orders (4 basic orders, 1 special).
    • After about 5 days, Taskaarti picked up his (unpredictable)translator droid from C-17.
  • Marcus got his nursing license and began some part-time work in the nearby clinic.
  • Stig put in an order for an astromech droid to C-17
    • The droid turned out to be very competently made.
  • Krassk got some information from Vaneesh about the CSA’s newly revealed involvement in the radiation zone.
  • Marcus also learned some additional information about the mysterious Garo Desyk from Chekka.
  • After building this weeks gear, C-17 paid off some of his debt to Teemo (-4 obligation)


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Favor
  • Experience: 8
    • Krassk: +1
    • Marcus: +1
    • Stig: +1


he also burned the bodies, in a dumpster.

Corporate Secrets

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