Fringes of Space


Passage to Nar Shaddaa

Leaving Centares

After accidentally killing their bounty on Centares, the PCs quickly left the planet to track down Krassk’s trandoshan target, Krad. Along the way, the group promised to drop off Lufta Kene, one of several passengers on the Wolf Thorn, on the planet [Mon Calamari | Mon Calamari]] as soon as they could.

  • Group leaves Centares.
  • Follows Krad, Krassk’s target, to Asteroid base near in Mon Calamari Sector.
    • Asteroid base allied with Black Sun
    • Kills Krad after learning Clezo’s location
  • Travels to Mon Calamari
  • Lufta Kene invites Sirra and C-17 to speak with Kilper, a Mon Calamari member of the Alliance.
    • Wants group to eliminate Imperial outpost on Turkana. May reward C-17 with information on C-18 factory and 4000 cr.

Turkana Hunters

Although Marcus is eager to get to Drongar to fulfill his obligation to the Empire, the group follows their new lead for both payment and information on C-17’s mysterious droid factory. All the group knew about the base was that it was old and largely untouched following the Battle of Turkana just six weeks ago.

  • Group travels to Turkana.
  • Scout base to reveal lone, 2-story building with radar dish and landing pad. Find pipe.
  • Get into fight with 1 oversized and 3 lesser dianoga after being warned by PD.
  • Finish off dianoga in basement level of outpost.
  • Group prepares to scout the remaining two floors.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Bounty
  • Experience: 5



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