Fringes of Space

Buying the Wayfarer

Dealing with Flessk and his Crew

The Fight with Flessk

After unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with a group of Trandoshan smugglers/mercenaries to convince them to betray their patron, Illo Vandin, and have a part in Everybody Loves Krassk, Jak-Phi, Krassk, C-17, and their wookie Kervvukk attacked the group in an ambush.

  • Flessk was singled out immediately, while his 7 crew mates attempted to flee.
  • The whole crew boarded their Ghtroc 720 after Kervvukk fell in battle.
  • Two Trandos remained on the ground while the ship took off.
  • The crew apprehended the Trandos and coerced them to join or die.
    • 3 mercenaries and “their” ship are under Krassk’s lead.
    • Kray is given the lead role in Everybody Loves Krassk.
  • Before taking the ship and its crew to Teemo, the crew noticed that Flessk was gone.

Negotiating with a Salesman

While the others were fighting, Marcus and Sirra were busy getting ready to buy their new wayfarer freighter. With the knowledge of 3 defects that were responsible for driving down the price from Jak and Krassk, the two went to inspect the ship just before they were ambushed by the same salesman encountered earlier, Chet Draganite.

  • Throughout the negotiations, Marcus and Sirra noted two undocumented flaws.
  • The duo eventually convinced Chet to give them the company discount.
  • After procuring funds from everyone, they bought the ship.
    • The ship didn’t have any walls in place, but came with prefab walls that the crew could use.
    • They opted to trade the ship quad laser for a hangar module.
  • While they were actually purchasing the ship, Krassk “bought” a Y-Wing.
    • The Y-wing also had several issues (5) that hindered its performance.

Dealing with the Old Crew

Krassk and Jak brought the Trandoshan smugglers and their ship back to Teemo with the hopes of offering them to his service as hired help.

  • Krassk offered the three members and their ship to Teemo.
    • Teemo accepted if Krassk payed their way like he did for Crix.
    • Doing so payed some of his debt to Teemo.
  • Krassk also convinced Teemo to “give” him a Y-Wing.
  • C-17 also received several new orders to repair droids.
    • He noticed that all were “new” droids sold by Galus Vez acting abnormally.
    • He noted that they were all having issues due to the uncontrolled M.E.L.D. in their system.

Crippling Debt

Just having negotiated a new ship, the crew was eager to outfit it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the money to even fix its flaws. Most of the group has, thus far, heard of the escort job for the Corporate Alliance (CSA), prompting Krassk and C-17 to investigate.

  • Marcus and Sirra moved equipment onto the ship.
    • They also found a small port that could hold the ship for a few weeks.
  • Jak forged some armor with his new smithing tools.
  • Krassk and C-17 found a recruitment center for the Protection job, learning:
    • pays 10,000 cr per person + 20,000 cr for a ship escort. 20% upfront.
    • Takes place in 6 weeks. They must sign them on 4 weeks before (in 2 weeks).
    • They are on a crew aboard an Action VI hauler.
    • Expect 1 month trip with high likelihood of danger.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Bounty
  • Experience: 25
    • Krassk: +1


Archive: well, that could have went better. krassk was trying to sell the trando on something he didn’t want, went horrible. he gave the signal and the wookie went for the closest guard to us, looked like a clean kill, so i ran to take out the alledged leader of this montely crew of misfits knowing i was putting myself in range of the canons on that ship. he didn’t like that, his last words were to kill me, they will try. but they failed, unfortanly after the volley on me the wookie ran up and finished him off, taking the next blast and going down. krassk ran aboard their ship chasing them down, too many for a lone wolf, the wookie looked to far gone for me to help and stabilize him and to back up krassk. i decided to follow him aborad the ship, the dead will have their time to be mourned, but the moment calls for the living. i ran aboard to see c-17 hack the cockpit open, no idea how he got here, sneaky droid is quite good. i stick the first guy i see with a does of Anesthestic, and put my hand on the pilot and recommended he listen to krassk before becoming the next one down, he seemed reluctent, but valued his life and listened to krassk, landing us back down. upon landing i notice everyone had left and dragged their leader area, leaving just our wookie, i did a quick check to see if he was still there but he wasn’t. May he be one with the force now. krassk and i carried him on board the ship and flew back to his buddy the hutt teemos place, where he arranged a meeting with and conference and discussed some jobs and pay for these newly aquired lakleys, except for one, must be the target krassk was after the whole time, something about tv, never watch the thing, rots your imagination.

Achive excerpt: got back in touch with the humans, they got that hunk of junk cheaper than i thought. krassk got a y wing to while we were talking to slime-o. we got this parked and i loaded all the stuff out of a stoarge unit they all had aboard and decided its time to get busy on making a new home.

Buying the Wayfarer

Marcus’s POV
Journal entry #31
Good news everyone, Sirra and I are on our way to negotiate the purchase of a Wayfarer. We’ll finally have a ship again. I can get off this god forsaken rock and off of my cousins radar. Before we left, C-17 talked the ship him and Krassk found over with me. We absolutely can’t afford one with out any faults and C-17 noted about 3 major ones he saw. Hopefully we can use these flaws as arguing points for a discount. We’re hoping we can get a look at the ship before we get swarmed by salesman; fucking vultures.

Update 1:
Well we are now the proud owner of 1 piece of junk Wayfarer. After what seemed like an eternity “negotiating” with our slime ball ship salesmen Chet, and noticing 2 more undocumented flaws, we at last managed to convince Chet to give us the employee discount. Which thank god, because we could just barely swing it with the amount we paid. Krassk also cashed in on a Y-wing deal he set up with Teemo. Only problem now, is we hardly have a credit to our name and with the new ship being a bit of a junker, were gonna need some credits quick.

Update 2:
So we probably should’ve thought this through a bit more. We didn’t sort out a place to store our new enormous ship. Thankfully Sirra and I did manage to source an old ass shipyard we can keep it in till we figure out what the plan is. I think Krassk is checking out the CSA job we keep hearing about. I know we need the money, but working for the CSA? That has bad Idea written all over it.

Buying the Wayfarer

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