Fringes of Space

Black Sun Slavers

Unlawful Liberation

A Quiet Day in Worlport

Without any big job leads, the crew took the opportunity to prepare themselves for an upcoming raid on a slaver/gladitorial pit managed by the Black Sun in Worlport on Ord Mantell. Krassk was very adamant on finding and freeing the remaining 4 wookies in The Surge’s gladitorial pit. In an effort to prepare and otherwise spend their downtime…

  • C-17 noticed a lull in his (usually) busy business orders.
    • Noticed a usual customer going to a different shop: ModWorks Unlimited
    • The shop was owned by a Besalisk named Galus Vez.
    • The shop was selling droids, weapons, and gear for just above (crafting) cost.
  • Jak, Krassk, and Sirra questioned their new wookie companion, Karak, for information on The Surge.
    • They learned the pits held wookies and other slaves below the warrens, an area surrounding the actual pit.
    • Some wookies were mysteriously filled with rage, being prone to attack anyone.
  • Marcus questioned Greg Zeschuk to find out how to counter the rage effects
    • Found that, if incapacitated, the raged wookies can be treated for Gunjack Spice addiction.
  • Marcus also learned of a disruptor pistol attack in the northern slums.
    • Peculiar due to unimportance of the victim.
  • C-17 spent his downtime stalking Galus.
    • Noted that Galus met with a gran in The Gilded Lily cantina.
    • Ordered a droid from him and disassembled it revealing that it was infected with M.E.L.D., obviously stolen, and had a built-in droid controller.

“Infiltrating” the Slaver’s Den

During their preparation to infiltrate The Surge, the group sent one person (Marcus) in posing as a cheaper medic substitute for the wookies. The leader accepted, taking him in and allowing him to heal on of the slaves’ wounds while under the effects of Gunjack Spice. He was rejected and escorted out of the building. The group then used the information to plan their rescue.

  • Krassk beckoned Faarl to give him information about the district’s sewage system.
  • C-17 put aside his shop rivalry to help the crew.
    • C-17 attempted to be the inside man, posing as a regular better.
  • Sirra was to pilot the Rush transport for a quick getaway.
  • Jak, Krassk, Marcus, and Karak were to infiltrate the sewage system.
It was now down to the execution:
  • During the infiltration, Marcus noted a transmitter on his person
    • The device was placed on him the previous day while posing as a doctor.
    • The transmitter was reversed to be a two-way to try to trick the opposition.
  • The three rose through the bloodworks and avoided the cameras.
  • C-17 took note of the situation from the main level.
    • Noted the first fight between two wookies was about to begin.
  • Sirra floated around the city nonchalantly to pick up the crew.
  • After being discovered, the crew got into a big firefight during the pit fight above.
    • The crew slaughtered the slavers with the help of C-17 from a hidden side-elevator.
    • The crew freed the wookies, tranquilizing the enraged one.
  • After lollygagging for 5 whole turns looting and pillaging the dead, the crew attempted to leave.
    • The group’s escape was thwarted by 6 AC Law Enforcement droids
    • Each full round featured a new group of reinforcements.
  • The group narrowly escaped after an intense battle.
  • The group continued through the sewers and had Sirra pick them up
    • Everyone decided to go into the scraplands before deciding on what to do next.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • None
  • Experience: 10
    • Krassk: +1
    • C-17: +1


Marcus’s POV:

Journal entry #27

So we have a Wookie again, that’s neat. This one’s name is Karok. After I brought him back from the grave last night, Krask had him stay in the bacta tank. We talked to him in the morning, he gave us a vague layout, of the skunk works of the pit. He also explained that the more feral looking Wookies are getting drugged up on Gunjack. I’ll have to visit Dr. Gray and get some advice on treating gunjack addiction.

Update 1: So Gray pointed me toward a pharmacy where I might be able get some tranquilizers. Hopefully that will be enough to calm down a feral Wookie. While I was visiting the good doctor, he told me about a patient that was just brought in. A kid from the slums was shot, with a disruptor. I asked if there was any more information, who was this kid? Gray didn’t have any info for me. Ill have to look into this later.

Update 2: Krask got some info from Teemo about possible ways to infiltrate this place. I guess the sewers are the most likely ways in. Were heading over the pit now, I may be able to talk my way inside.

Update 3: I managed to get in. Place is sickening. Whole basement is more of a dungeon. Medical facilities are more akin to a backwater veterinary clinic, then anything that a person should be treated at. Unfortunately, my medical skills weren’t as on point as they should have been, I’m gonna go ahead and blame the circumstances on that one, But oh well. I got the layout that’s what matters.

Update 4: Well that infiltration went about as poorly as could imagined. We managed to get into the facility fine, but Krask and I somehow managed to make “all” of the noise when we were trying to “sneak” in. we got got almost immediately. We did managed to kill all the guards, but then mistake number two, we spent way too long looting the area. Long enough that multiple local police droids were all over us. Thankfully the new guy more then held his own. We managed to hold them off long enough to make a break for it. I’m not quite sure how I made down into the sewers however. I took a pretty bad stun hit on the run. I woke up in the sewers a few minutes later. Jak must have dragged me out of there.

Were going to lay low out in wastes for a while. Hopefully this whole thing blows over. At least we got some of the Wookies out.

Black Sun Slavers

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