Fringes of Space

Betrayal at Anteevy

Winter's Cold Grasp

Ice Storms of Anteevy

The crew arrived at the icy planet of Anteevy. Before landing, the crew studied the planet and discovered that it had two continents and was briefly mentioned in the Imperial planetary database. A quick survey revealed a small landing zone in the planet’s north pole/continent. After landing, the crew:

  • Scoured the abandoned, snowed-in landing zone. Notable things included:
    • An empty maintenance shed.
    • Two sabotaged tracked snow vehicles
    • An imperial freighter incapable of flight (with some leftover fuel reserves)
    • An iced-over pathway leading to the North West
  • The crew attempted to travel along the hidden path using a repaired snow vehicle and their walker.
  • After a snow storm started, the crew fled to their ship and flew around the planet for a few hours.
  • Once they returned, the crew braved the ice storm and found a dark, empty station among the ice.
    • the station consisted of 3 different sections: Garaged, Labs, and Shaft.
    • Several buildings were found outside the main structure: 3 silos, a greenhouse, and a power station.
  • Rather than enter through the front door, the crew used the garage to protect their vehicles.

The Cold Hand of the Empire

The crew parked their vehicles and thouroghly searched the garage. Curiously, several laser traps were hidden away (inactive) in the workshop. The group left the garage and ventured into the Ore retrieval shaft area only to find a lone, pale man in dark clothing. The man introduced himself as Perek and asked the crew, whom he thought was there to help him, to assist in finishing off the frantic research staff. Just as soon as they met him, Stig attempted to stun him with his lightsaber but was promptly blinded (literally) by Perek’s exotic pistol.

  • Perek fled into the station, being outnumbered.
  • Further in the station, he led the crew through several pre-placed traps.
  • The group eventually split, prompting him to attack the lone Krassk in the basement.
  • Following a vicious gunbattle, the group managed to kill Perek
  • The crew cleared the traps, freed the researchers, and took Stig to the Bacta Tank for healing.
    • Before getting bacata-ed, Stig sent a message to his contact, Winter to inform her of Perek’s fate.
  • After a day, Winter arrived on the planet as promised.
    • After congratulating Stig, she shook his hand and injected him with a double dose of Dentriton Toxin and Raquor Venom.
    • She had her guards apprehend the paralyzed Stig while swearing vengenance on the Krumlar family of Chiss.
    • She also hinted that the “original three” have been dealt with (implying Perek was one of them).
  • Shocked, Marcus fled, prompting the crew to escape the pair of darktroopers following them.
  • Before jumping, the crew saw their ship (Gozanti frigate) fire on the Ice Station Alpha before jumping away with Stig.


The crew tracked the ship going to the planet Kuat and decided to go to Ord Mantell to gather information/supplies and drop off their crew before finding Stig. After a few, blind weeks, Stig came to with his sight in a cell with a Bothan who doesn’t appear to have been there long.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Bounty
  • Experience: 15



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