Fringes of Space

Barton Fel

A Great Disturbance

Barton Fel and the GenoHaradan

Having defeated the horde of droids, the five galactic adventurers refueled the ship, brought their scrap metal aboard the cargo hold, and left the space station for The Wheel. However, before leaving, the group was intercepted by a small capital ship asking for someone named Barton Fel.

  • Group learned that their new compatriot was Barton Fel, and that he was on the space station for several years before putting himself in cryosleep.
  • Barton wanted to go to a planet named Muth’Sera but couldn’t find it in the astrogation charts.
  • The capital ship’s captain, Garo Desyk, wanted the PCs to hand over Barton.
  • Barton informed the group that Desyk was a member of the GenoHaradan, an ancient assassin’s guild.
  • Fel warned that they would take over the galaxy if they had him.
  • Before Krassk and Dreke handed Fel over, they were both immediately knocked unconscious by Fel.
  • Fel set a new course for a planet in Sith Space, Dromund Kaas.

Barton Fel was dropped off on the unknown planet. Before leaving, the group logged the planet’s astrogation data and sent it to Garo Desyk. The group resumed their trip to The Wheel.

The Wheel

The PCs exited hyperspace to find a large, circular space station floating out in deep space. The station had several ships entering and leaving it docking bays and was known to be free of the Empire and heavy on gambling and illicit deals.

  • Rather than land on a normal spaceport, the group opted to find a shadowport to conceal their identity.
  • Krassk and C-17 bought a new cybernetic arm and found the shadowport ran by an Aqualish technician.
  • Once the group landed, the PCs split up.
    • Marcus went to a bacta tank to heal.
    • Stig sold off the droid parts.
    • Krassk and C-17 went to club Duality to meet his contact.
    • Dreke remained on the ship until called by Krassk.

Krassk, Stig, C-17, and Dreke eventually found their way to Duality. Once they were there, the group (Stig and Krassk specifically) met their contacts in the club. Stig was given a target by his contact, Winter, to be hunted down for their mutual benefactors while Krassk was given several jobs to help Kandria Grene get even with a criminal overlord.

Faffing About

While the group was on The Wheel, they decided to take advantage of the thriving underground community on the Outer Ring. Their main goal was to make money, meet new contacts, and get Dreke his hunter’s license.

  • C-17 spent some time fixing ships and beating Aqualish and Weequay thugs to death for credits.
  • Krassk took Dreke to House Tresario to get his license. They learned he needed to turn in a bounty on the station before he could be registered.
    • They found a bounty that was known to frequent Tasia’s Tapcafe.
  • Stig met with his Brigian friends Vaneesh Chekka, Tendo Habat, and Lufta Kene.
    • Lufta and Tendo both wanted passage to different worlds Ithor and Mon Cal respectively.
    • Vaneesh wanted Stig and Krassk to muscle someone out of their kiosk to allow him to set up shop for the Tenloss Syndicate.
  • Stig also picked up his droid from Captain Gronga’zur’uono named PD (Petie).

Cops and Robbers

Krassk, Marcus, C-17, and Dreke went to Tasia’s Tapcafe to find their Twi’lek bounty. After causing a scene and fighting their way out, they managed to capture the bounty and bring her back to their ship.

  • Krassk destroyed Stig’s new droid.
  • Dreke dragged the Twi’lek onto the ship.
  • Several well-armed hunters entered the hangar bay requesting the Twi"lek be returned.
  • The PCs decided to fight the criminals and eventually defeated them all.

After the battle, Dreke identified one of the dead as an Aqualish bounty from his list along with two incapacitated bounties (a Sullastan and the Twi’lek).

  • Group


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Marcus: Family
  • Experience: +10 XP



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