Fringes of Space

Alone in the Void

Whispers of the Sith

Driving off the Boarders

Not long after arriving in the Stygian Caldera, a supposedly uncharted section of space, the group’s fleet in charge of defending the CSA flagship, The Stellar Drax was ambushed and the flagship boarded by 4 Citadel-class freighters armed with boarding tubes. While the bulk of the fleet (including Krassk, Sirra, Marcus, and C-17) was busy holding off the formidable fighter squadron led by their ex-comrade Stig, Jak-Phi was on board the flagship preparing to deal with the large group of boarders digging their way through the hull.

  • Jak found a small group of on-duty Fujari and set up a defensive perimeter around the package.
    • A group of boarders came in through the lower hull
    • The boarders torched several crates of food stores before being attacked.
    • Once the boarders were dealt with, Jak + crew went to reinforce the bridge via “handle” tunnel.
    • Tallon + FSMR were busy holding off the boarders from the bridge/dealing with fires.
    • Car’Das was scattered throughout the ship (upper/lower hangar and crew quarters)
  • The Vorn (Krassk and C-17) and the Gravy Train (Sirra, Marcus, Jacek, Faarl, and B4-D4) were busy dealing with Stig’s fighter squadron.
    • The fight was a lengthy skirmish resulting in fighters destroyed for both sides
    • Once several were destroyed, Stig and his wing retreated once the fleet was more coordinated.
    • Before leaving, Stig vowed vengeance on the crew, Krassk in particular.
    • Krassk dropped off C-17 on the hull of the flagship
    • Marcus boarded the flagship near the bridge where the interior explosives were detonated.
  • Jak and Marcus met up in the bridge section with Mot Tallon.
    • Marcus healed a mercenary.
    • Jak had the package on his back, ready to drive off the boarders.
  • C-17 was busy trying to infiltrate the manned cruisers attached to the ship.
    • After trying to punch his way through, he blinded the ship and moved on to the next one.
    • He found an control circuit and hacked the ship’s Life support and doors, suffocating the crew.
  • Krassk was busy eliminating any detaching cruisers.
  • Marcus, Jak, and Tallon entered the hangar bay to drive off the boarders.
    • They were met with several groups of boarders and a robed, Ax-wielding leader.
    • The leader “telepathically” rendered Tallon useless for the fight.
    • The group eventually defeated the group of boarders while another group went deeper into the ship.
  • C-17 boarded his new, vacant ship and detached it before the final group tried to use it to leave.
  • The boarders made one last attempt to leave the ship by boarding a cruiser in an unguarded hangar bay.
    • The ship was destroyed and the boarders were eliminated.

The Missing Captain

After the fight in the dense nebula of the Stygian Caldera, the crew of the Stellar Drax thoroughly searched the ship for survivors and recouped their losses. The attack resulted in:

  • Slightly more damage to every ship in the fleet.
  • About half of the Car’Das being killed (8)
  • Two more FSMR deaths, further distressing Mot Tallon
  • Several supplies being destroyed, leaving only enough for about 10 days
  • Most of the CSA personnel being killed
  • Captain Kevamu was nowhere to be found

The agitated crew reconvened to elect a new captain. Tallon wanted to just abandon the mission, the Fujari (led by Lurzz) wanted to get paid and know more about their enemies and the package, the Car’Das just wanted to get paid, while the actual fleet wanted to continue under someone with actual military experience. While the group was arguing, Sirra opted to take control of the situation, meaning she was to take control of the fleet and lead them through the broken hyperlanes.

Without a Paddle

Once Sirra was agreed upon by the fleet to be a worthy captain, VEGA informed her that they were in the Morriband system, giving them three possible routes. How the routes were connected were unknown due to the vague information sold to the CSA, but VEGA informed her that:

  • The only goal was to get to a certain section at the far end of the caldera.
    • This section is the only known exit of the Caldera.
  • Every parsec would take a microjump, forcing VEGA to spend several hours calculating the jump.
    • This means each parsec would take a day to perform.
  • Once the package was delivered to Bonadon, the PCs were to get paid.
  • The crew has been bickering ever since they left Aduba.
    • The infighting has gotten exponentially worse since the events of Rhen Var.
    • The crew has been reporting whispers, footsteps, and restless nights.
  • The fleet only had enough supplies to last them 10 days
    • This could be rationed, but would likely lead to a greater morale loss.
  • Of the three possible routes from Morriband:
    • Left: the original plan. Would take the least time. The enemy knows this.
    • Right: Longest known route. Known to be more unexplored than the others.
    • Middle: middle of the road. Likely connects with the other two at some point.
    • Jumps can be made off the path, but are harder to accomplish, resulting in more time and more danger mid-jump.

The crew opted for the middle path, using Krassk to jump ahead and scout the sector before the fleet followed. Several planets were discovered along the way, many shrouded by anomaly. On the latest jump, a group of fighters began harrassing the fleet. The fleet was ordered to ignore them, resulting in more damage being dealt to the aft patrol cruiser. The crew was left at a crossroads deciding which section to take, while the flagship crew was getting more and more anxious.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • none
  • Experience: 7


Marcus POV
Journal entry 38:

Why wouldn’t their be an ambush waiting for us. After a few days in the nebula, an explosion tore through the Drax, the shock wave knocked me clean out of my bed. Then out of nowhere we were swarmed by fighters. I got on the main turret, but between our floating scrap heap of a ship, and just being shook from sleep, I couldn’t hit a damn thing. Not long after I heard the hanger bay door open, Krassk going out in the Vorne. Once the first wave of enemy fighters flew by, A small fleet of cruisers came out of the haze. Bigger targets. They didn’t seam interested in us. They all went straight for the Action 6. I got a comm from Krassk, Instructing me to focus fire one of the cruisers with him. Together we managed to bring it down before it reached the action 6. The radio was pandemonium, I guess someone in our motley crew of a fleet double crossed us. We maneuvered the gravy train to one of the Drax’s docking rings. Shielding one side, and enabling Jac to jump ship and assist in rebelling the enemy boarders.

Between getting in the way and killing one of the cruisers the enemy fighter squadron started getting more serious. Doing what I could to at least harass them, while Krask and the Crimson Aces did all the actual heavy lifting. Once it was obvious that the Fighters had everything under control, I got a comm from Krask saying he was going to drop off C-17 near where we were attached. I figured I’d meet up with him and help aboard the mother ship. After we met up, we comm’d Jac about the situation. I guess he has the package with him and has joined most of the ground teams on the bridge. The fastest route to him is through a breached passage, not a problem for C-17 (being a droid after all) bit more of an issue for me. Deciding we didn’t have time, I put on my breath mask and ran for it. BAD IDEA. Oh god my skin. The Pain.

Its amazing what nothing does to a man.

We Rejoined the group and helped repel the last of the boarders just as the ships outside scared of the fighters. As they escaped, There squad lead sent a message over open Comm’s. I heard Stig’s voice. He vowed revenge against all of us. I guess I never really wanted to think about what really happened to Stig, I just new that Krassk and Dreke did what they felt they had to. Stig was my friend, but between Alderaan being destroyed and the looming presence of my Cousin. I just didn’t want to deal with it. And now, through Circumstances I can’t even Fathom he’s leading a force through a “Uncharted Nebula”.

Update 1
Well, to sum things up, were boned. The boarders are a lot smarter then we gave them credit for. They specifically targeted CSA personnel and our food storage. On top of that, our fearless captain is nowhere to be found. So we are now leaderless and we don’t have enough food to reach the exit of the Caldera. We just held an emergency meeting amongst the crew leaders, deciding what our next step was. TLDR: Sirra is in charge and we continue through the nebula. We need to make a series of micro-jumps toward the other end, and just hope some of the planets here have life we can forage for food.

This road trip sucks.

Alone in the Void

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