Fringes of Space

A Hutt's Tomb

Dungeon Delving Gone Wrong

Quick Jump to Pybus

Following their rescue of Teemo the Hutt and his various cohorts from the mercenary-slave forces of the Desilijic Kajidic, the crew finally decided to make good on Krassk’s promise to Jacek from months earlier. Jacek wanted the crew to help him plunder the depths of a long-dead, paranoid, and rich Hutt named Vortga. Jacek told the group that the remaining pieces of the Siren’s Soul, a red, glassy object that produced a unique sound, among other treasures left by the Aurodium-mining Hutt’s expansive wealth.

  • Pybus is a green, swampy planet lost in the menagerie of the Bootana Hutta
    • The planet, like Varl, is home to Chemlizards and Amphibipoles.
    • The planet is dotted with old ruins, similar in appearance to the ones found on Yavin IV.
  • Jacek directed the crew to a “townsquare” amidst the ruins
    • They landed the Main Spring on a nearby hill, leaving Jonesy, Bonesy, Teemo, Ugor, and his servants.

Vortga’s Defense System

The upper and ground levels of the ruins only held empty and unused rooms and hallways. Jacek led the group down to the lower levels. Upon entering, it was quickly evident that the lower levels were being carefully guarded and there were signs that another group has been here earlier. The ruins (25000 years) were far older than the Hutt and his new defenses and technology (1000 years)

  • A recently-made map left by the other group was found among the rubble.
    • The map marked what rooms were explored and where stun traps were deployed.
  • Krassk explored the agri-pond section along with Sirra.
    • They were attacked by a few amphibipoles, learning that their skin is poisonous.
    • They found a garden and a potential secret door beyond their overgrowth.
  • C-17, Marcus, and Jak investigated the servant’s quarters and kitchen areas.
    • Among the 5 rooms, the group found overgrown food, old instruments, and a droid repair bay.
    • Jak ended up triggering the defense droids, leading to a fight.
  • The central room on this level held a large statue of a swampy planet.
    • Leaving the room held a door with 4 pentagons on it.
  • Jacek’s statue and the remaining ones in the base have pentagonal bases with complex electronics embedded within.
    • Each were hand held and of a different race.
  • The group found an old, ornate Hutt slab and a Klatooinian statue behind it.
  • Not far from the throne room held a droid dispensery.
    • The dispenser brought in defense droids from below using conveyor belts with metal hooks.
  • The group scoped out an arena made to hold a “Granee Noopa” filled with droids.
    • The group entered and cleared them out, including the chemlizard from the pits above.
    • This room circled around to whatever was behind the penta-locked door from earlier
    • The group attempted to pick open the lock, triggering the explosives within, causing extreme damage.

Graayl’s Group

Following the detonation of the trapped door, the group quickly scouted ahead and found more possibly trapped doors. Shortly after, Jonsey and Bonesy told C-17 that a group of 6 people entered the ruins. Rather than fight, the group decided to meet them and negotiate. The group, led by the Barabel, Graayl Nor, met earlier on the Pearl, was here to get the treasure Jacek had blathered about earlier. They told them that they’ve been here before, set off traps, lost men, and retreated to get better gear and people.

  • The group consisted of 6 veteran mercenaries experienced in Hutt space shananigans:
    • Anto: Houk veteran of the Houk-Weequay war
    • Kolzaar: Wookie beholden to Anto
    • Hayes: Sakiyan scout and gunner
    • Mar: Green Nikto enforcer and muscle
    • Elias: Duros pilot and tech specialist
  • The group, much to Jacek’s dismay, agreed to split the haul 50/50.
  • The group navigated more of the upper level traps using the mercs gear.
  • The group managed to collect 4 statues: Hutt, Klatooinian, Weequay, and Vodran.
  • C-17 hacked into the security network via a datajack on the Varl statue.
    • The upperlevel defenses were deactivated, and lowerlevel ones were paused for 60 min.

Second Level Descent

Unfortunately, the group was in a standstill, unsure of where to go next. With the defenses inactive, the group though of using the droid dispensaries as a way down. After climbing down, the group quickly scouted the area out. The narrow hallway that they found themselves in only led to either a security room/staircase back up or a sarcophagus room.

  • The glass-doored sarcophagus held a mummified Nikto
    • The room also led to a way deeper into the ruins
    • The way was found to be full of dioxis gas and amphibipole water.
  • A new security station was found.
    • It revealed that the pre vault room was on a separate network and couldn’t be accessed.
    • It also revealed that the Nikto tomb’s open-status was being monitored.
  • The stairs leading back up led to an unscouted room, trapped.
    • After searching, the room was found to lead into the throne room via secret door.


  • Obligation Triggered:


  • Experience: 5



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